Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Say Cheese

I've been trying really hard to get Kylie to smile for the camera.

She usually either:
a. ignores the camera completely.
b. tries to grab the camera and gets really upset that she's can't have it, so I end up with her making a screaming face or with her hand out reaching for the camera.
c. runs away thinking that we are playing a game.
d. smiles, but does it too fast and by the time I have taken the picture, she is doing something else with her back to the camera. What a tease.

So I've managed to take some good pictures of her, but I have to either:
a. be sneaky.
b. do a crazy fake laugh to get her to smile or laugh with me.
c. Shake something she likes beside the camera.
d. Take a million pictures, and hope that there are a couple good ones in the group.

The weird thing is, she has a toy Tinkerbell camera that she will pose for. The stupid thing only says "Pixie Perfect" or "I believe in fairies" when you push the button. I wonder how many perfect pictures she has taken that would have been captured if it were a real camera.

But today, she did the unthinkable. She came up to me, smiled, and WAITED for me to take the picture.

Here it is:

Isn't she beautiful?

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  1. Parker used to never smile for the camera and would turn away so I couldn't get a pic but these last several months he will almost always smile for the camera. He does try to reach for the camera too though and gets very upset when he is reminded that cameras are for mommies not for babies. ;)