Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mealtimes and saying no

Kylie has suddenly turned into a picky eater. I'll take "bites" of her food to show her that it's good. Instead of eating it, she now just wants to give me a "bite" all the time: "Bite, bite, bite..." She even threw a "please" in there in the first video.

The second video is more about her new favorite word: "no". I'm trying to give her a bite of food, but she now understands she can use the word "no." She also likes to use this word when I ask her if she's ready to go night night or to come out of the bath. I can't help but think it's cute now, but I'm not trying to encourage it because I foresee many challenges in the future. Right now, I'm just helping her remember that she can also use the word "yes."

Speaking of smiling...

I finally captured it in a picture... Eve's smile! I'm so happy that I have these pictures of her first smiles, so that in several years I can look back at them and remember falling in love with her sweet smile. I love this little girl so much! She's only been here 6 weeks, but I already cannot imagine life without her. Anyways, I took a lot of pictures, and I can't decide which ones to post, but I've managed to narrow it down to 10. I'm sorry if all these pictures seem redundant, but I enjoy each one so much!


Aww... Sisters... I have three of them, and so of course I was so excited when I found out we were having a second girl! I hope they enjoy each other and have a wonderful time growing up together. I'm prepared for the fights (I do remember being a part of them with my own sisters) but I'm looking forward to all the fun things they are going to do!

Here is one of my recent attempts at getting the girls in a picture together. As you can see in the second picture, Kylie is trying to squeeze... err "love"... her sister a little too hard. After I pulled her off, she pouted on the other end of the couch. These are my challenges these days...

Poor little Eve. She only has a couple toys she is big enough to enjoy, and this singing dog toy is one of them. If only her sister would let her enjoy it in peace, without feeling the need to crawl down there with her:

Another "game" Kylie likes to play with her sister is to steal her pacifier. She gave up the paci at 6 months, so she's just being naughty! In this picture, Kylie had just stolen it out of Eve's mouth and was making her great escape with it:

Pictures of Eve's first month

For those of you who don't have facebook, here are the links of the 3 photo albums I've uploaded to facebook:

Life with a newborn and 15 month old (part 1)

Life with a newborn and 15 month old (part 2)

Easter: Kylie was almost 16 months and Eve JUST turned one month old

Smiling Issues

I've been a little frustrated in my attempts at teaching Kylie to smile for the camera. Finally, I realized that she knows how to say "cheese", so I decided to try to use this to my advantage. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that she made the most horrifying and scariest face ever when saying that word. It only gave me very funny pictures. It's a good thing this ISN'T what her normal smile looks like! So here is Kylie making scary smiley faces while saying "cheese":

See, she has a beautiful smile, when she's not saying "cheese":

Meanwhile, my other little beauty has been giving me some great newborn smiles. The naughty little girl, however, makes them disappear as soon as the camera comes out. Maybe the camera frightens her? I guess it would make more sense for her to smile at my face or a toy than a camera. And when I do get a smile while I have the camera aimed at her face, I'm too slow to capture it! Here are a couple pictures, where she had JUST given me a huge smile. She still looks sweet, but it doesn't compare to her amazing smile:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Bottle

Yesterday, April 9th, was Eve's four week birthday! She got to celebrate with her very first bottle. It's a good time to introduce the bottle because if we introduce it too late, she might completely reject it but if we do it too early she might decide she likes it better than nursing. It's fun to have daddy feed Eve, but all you nursing moms out there know that it doesn't it make any easier on the mom! Now there's the pumping and also all the pump and bottle parts to clean. But I do plan on going back to work, so bottle feeding is a necessity.

She was so surprised that daddy was feeding her. The look on her face was "You can give me milk too?" Too cute.

Opposites are lots of fun!

Kylie's toy house has lots of songs. Kylie however only has ears for one. She'll play the song "Opposites are lots of fun" over and over and over. This would be a little annoying, BUT the whole time the song plays Kylie will get up and dance all over her room... until the song is done and then she'll go push the button and start dancing again. So thanks to her cuteness and crazy moves, it is not annoying at all. Jason and I made sure to get lots of pictures during her dance time yesterday. Enjoy! (Although, it's not as entertaining as watching her dance around in person)

Learning to share

Yesterday during Eve's tummy time, Kylie decided to help. She's seen me put some toys or animals that have good contrast around Eve during previous tummy times. So she brought all these animals for her little sister to look at. She even placed them nicely around Eve herself. Notice her doll is also doing some tummy time next to my baby.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I guess I've left everyone hanging on some situations in some previous posts. Well, I guess I should fill everyone in on the updates in our life.

Wii situation: We decided to keep the wii. Jason felt bad for spending the money, since we don't exactly have lots to spare. So he sold his X-Box, and all his games on Ebay. This means we no longer have rock band, but someday we just might buy it for the wii. Someday. Maybe. I never played video games growing up and now I really don't care for them at all. I'm no good controlling the remote (ok, gamers, I know it's not called a remote, but I can't even think of the name for it right now). Rock band was different because it didn't involve the "remote". I thought that was the only video game that I would ever enjoy playing... until I played the wii. It's really fun for people like me who have no experience with "gaming." My mom even likes it. Wait maybe it IS called a remote, because the wii uses a "wii-mote".

Jason's job situation: Jason is still working at Target. It's a boring job for him, but at least it is something right now. The church we are going to is going to be able to offer him the internship starting in May. It's not going to pay enough for it to be his only job, so he's going to have to stay at Target until something better comes along. However, we are so thankful that he is going to be able to be involved in the church and get paid to do it. It's something he would do even if the money wasn't there, so we are very grateful for the opportunity.

Easter: We are going to be in Manhattan for Easter! Kylie is looking forward to seeing all of her old friends in the nursery at Grace Baptist. She is going to have to introduce them all to Eve.

Fun things Kylie does: I forgot to mention that Kylie spins on command. It's so funny. Even if she just hears the word "spin" in a sentence not directed at her, she'll spin around until she usually falls down from dizziness. I'll add it to list of instructions she follows.