Thursday, June 30, 2011

I know I say this all the time, but when did Kylie get to be so OLD?

How did this:
(This picture was taken when Kylie was just an hour old. I just fell in love with those studious eyes and big kissy lips, she was absolutely perfect.)

... go to THIS:

Kylie turned three and a half this past month. 

She continues to be the most curious little girl. She has to know how everything works. She told me the other day that when she grows up, she wants to build bridges. So maybe one day we will have an engineer in the family. Maybe. She also told me once that she wants to be an alien when she grows up. I'm not sure which one would make me more proud.

She has developed an amazing memory, which she uses to repeat back books to me after I've read them once or just remind very accurately me of things that happened from over a year ago. 

She is still very controlling and insists on doing things her way, which doesn't always go over so well with her headstrong little sister. Being the first born and her mother's child, I doubt she ever loses her controlling nature. Thankfully, she also has a very sweet side and is sensitive to other people's feelings. 

She is developing a great sense of humor: she loves playing jokes on people, she makes up funny little words and she enjoys cracking up over her sister's antics.

I really do miss having her as a baby, but I love having this three year old around. The other day Jason asked her if she thought Eve would ever be as big as her and she responded: "No daddy, when Eve gets as big as me, then I will be four and I will be bigger too." She will one day be four? I'm glad she has come to terms with it, because I'm still adjusting to her not being a baby anymore.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Summer!

Big Girl!

We found Kylie a bike with training wheels at a garage sale. She was never very good at riding her tricycle, but she was an instant pro on her bike. She rides it all over, even to the park and back, and loves it. Eve has inherited her tricycle, but can't reach the pedals yet, poor girl.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Recipe: Eclair Cake

Step 1: Gather tub of cool whip, 3 cups milk and a package of instant vanilla pudding.

Step 2: Show everyone your belly.

Step 3: mix the pudding, cool whip and milk all together in large bowl.

Step 4: Notice that the recipe actually calls for two packages of instant vanilla pudding. Search in the cabinet for another one while praying for a miracle because you usually prefer to buy the heat and serve pudding packages. (This step not pictured, but thankfully I found the right kind of pudding at the very bottom of my pudding stash. Yes, I have a pudding stash.)

Step 5: Layer graham crackers at the bottom of a 13 x 9 pan.

Step 6: Add half of the pudding/cool whip mixture to pan and spread it over graham crackers. Add another layer of graham crackers and add the rest of the pudding. Finally, top it off with third layer of graham crackers.
Step 7: Give your little "helpers" some of the pudding mixture to keep them busy while you spread chocolate frosting over the final graham cracker layer. You can either make your own chocolate frosting, which is what I would have done if I was still a stay at home mom. If you need something convenient, just pick up some already in the store. (I will admit it felt a little weird buying frosting when I know I could have just made it myself, but then I remembered I wanted this to be a quick project.)

Step 8: The cake is done! Let it sit in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

Step 9: Invite some friends over for dinner to share the cake. (I forgot to take pictures of everyone eating their dessert, but I did snap a couple while they were playing.)

I also made a chicken cordon bleu bake casserole for dinner. I realized as I was eating that I had made American versions of two French foods. Maybe I'm feeling a little nostalgic?

Here is the real recipe for the chocolate eclair cake: