Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eve is here!

I already posted this same post on facebook today, but for all of our families who don't have facebook... enjoy!
If you do have facebook, I just copied and pasted this, so you won't find anything new if you read this.

Here are the basic stats:
*Eve Solène Marsh
*9:52 AM
*6 lbs 12 oz
*19.25 inches
*Full head of dark hair
*Absolutely perfect and beautiful

Here is the story:
I woke up around 5 AM with a contraction. I usually can sleep through contractions, so I woke up to see if I'd have any more. I had maybe two more contractions that hour, so I got out of bed and went to watch TV for about an hour. Between 6 and 7, I had a couple more contractions, but they weren't regular, so I decided to go back to bed. When I laid down, I had a couple more contractions and they were just strong enough that I couldn't sleep. However, there was no pattern at all to them. I decided to get up and make sure our bags were packed just in case. Kylie usually sleeps in until after 8, I thought we would wait for her to wake up before going anywhere. Jason thought we should go to the hospital just to see if anything was happening right then instead of waiting until 8. So we woke up the Kylie bear. By the time we got her ready, packed up the car and arrived at the hospital, it was right at 8 o'clock. I had only had one significant contraction that whole time, so I just wanted to turn around and go home. I really thought they were going to think I was crazy for thinking I might be in labor. I was obviously not in any distress and was not having lots of contractions. Jason had to talk me into going into the hospital. So they admitted me, checked me and put a monitor on me to check my contractions. When they checked me at 8:15, I was dilated to a three and only 75% effaced, so still not in active labor. I also layed there for a full twenty minutes or so before I even had a contraction. I wasn't sure if they were going to keep me, but they decided to wait a little longer since I had a history of fast labor.

Finally, the contractions came out of nowhere and hurt worse than I could have ever imagined. They checked me and I was dilated to 5. That's when they knew I was staying. Jason called Sarah Winn who came and picked up Kylie. I know that it was after 9 AM when Kylie left, because we had sesame street on TV for her to watch. After that, things were so fast and furious that everything was a blur. They were waiting on blood work to come back before they would give me an epidural even though I was screaming for an epidural during every contraction. The pain was intense, I was progressing so fast. Every time they checked me I was dilated 2 more centimeters, and they were checking me often. I was crying during each contraction, because I seriously thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to be one of those people that die during childbirth. It was so different from when I had the epidural with Kylie and I could relax. I was trying to zone out to sesame street (we never bothered changing the channel) but I couldn't possibly tell you what sesame street was about today. It was time to push and the doctor said the baby was dropping so fast that she was going to be here in only a couple minutes. I told her I didn't want to push without an epidural, but when I reached down, I could seriously feel her, so I didn't have a choice. Pushing was awful, I'm sure I screamed so loud that the whole hospital heard me, but the doctor was right, she was born with the next contraction (which were coming every 30 seconds). So, I experienced natural childbirth and not by choice. I really wanted that epidural. But the pain went away immediately when I held my new baby girl. I know that some people really want to experience natural childbirth, but I do not suggest ever doing so!! It was the most painful thing I have ever done. My doctor told me my contractions were extra intense since they were coming so fast and dilating me so rapidly. If you notice the time, Eve was born before Sesame Street was even over, so I pretty much labored during an episode of the show.

Jason's birthday is 12/11. He shares the month with Kylie (December) and the date with Eve (the 11th). Kylie will be 15 months on Sunday, so they are just barely under 15 months apart.

Oh, and nursing has gone very well so far. Eve is one hungry little girl.


  1. I know I already commented on Facebook but I am REALLY excited for you guys!! Just wanted to say congrats again!! :) Can't wait to meet her in person!!

  2. Congratulations!! She is beautiful.
    Can't wait to meet her.

    Now you can properly thank your mother for giving birth to you!!!!