Saturday, November 24, 2012

The beginnings of a handmade wardrobe

I had four days off from work this week for Thanksgiving! Score! Time to sew! (Not on Thanksgiving day of course. Turkey day is for play.) I went to Jo-Ann's Friday morning to do some Black Friday shopping and it was the best idea I ever had. And I've had a lot of good ideas. Like marrying Jason and putting nutmeg in my baked potato soup. Jo-Ann's was busy of course and I brought both girls with me so Jason could work on homework, but they were so good! We talked about the expectations before going in and I was so proud of the following conversation:

Eve and Kylie: "We want this!" (pointing to a fleece blanket kit plastered with Disney princesses.)
Me: "That is very cute, but we don't need to buy that today."
Eve: "But I waaaannnt it." (in a super whiny voice.)
Kylie: "Eve! Mommy said no begging, remember?"
Eve: "Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorry!"

Seriously, it made my heart so happy!

But the reason why I loved black Friday shopping so much was because I got so much fabric for 30 bucks. It was awesome. My receipt said I saved $87. Not that I usually pay full price anyways, I always hit up sales and use coupons at Jo-Anns, but I also bought way more this time than I normally do and spent less money.

So I stayed up late sewing last night (My sisters were at my house because Kylie and Eve have been requesting a sleepover with their aunties, so I was kind of a bad host. But I also see them all the time, so I don't feel bad.) I normally don't like the sew late, I don't operate well on little sleep, but I was still on a high from my Black Friday shopping, so I was pumped and just couldn't stop.

So I present to you Kylie's newest looks:

1. Star flannel pleated shirt (here's my inspiration: The lovebird tunic at Craftiness Is Not Optional. I obviously didn't replicate the look exactly, but I love the simple pleat in front. I love how simple the shirt is since the fabric is busy enough on it's own.)
2. Grey leggings made from stretchy fleece (Tutorial at Craftiness Is Not Optional.)

This was her favorite outfit, I could barely get her out of it just to try on her other new clothes.

Seriously, those pants are so soft and comfy, I'm a little jealous of them myself! Combine that with the soft flannel for the shirt and Kylie was pretty much a giant walking fuzzball begging to be cuddled with.

For some reason, she was NOT into modeling today!

3. Whale Flannel Shirt made the exact same as the star shirt, I figured I had made the pattern for the first one, so I might as well save some time and just make it the same. The only problem was that since it was later, my craftsmanship was just a little bit inferior than the first time around.

Seriously,  I love these pants!

While trying to get her to smile, I asked her to smile just like Aunt Stephie and this was the face she gave me!

4. Raglan Dress (Tutorial once again at Craftiness Is Not Optional, I just love her tutorials. The only differences I made were extending it into an A-line dress and making the sleeves long obviously.)
5. Leggings from same tutorial as the fleece pants. I acutally made these right before Thanksgiving and was planning on make a different shirt to match, but when I found the fabric from this dress at Jo-Anns, I changed gears. Besides this green fabric, all other fabric was purchased at the black Friday sale and I still have quite a stack to go through. 
Lighting in this picture is awful, but I didn't finish this dress until late afternoon today when the sun was already down. I'll have to take a picture with natural lighting later.

 And that wraps up my work from my last sewing binge. I feel very accomplished, because I'm usually a pretty slow sewer. I think sticking to really easy sewing without a lot of embellishments makes a lot of difference plus I was all hyped up on coke and happiness from being away from work for a little bit.

Kylie loves her new clothes! She is very opinionated about clothing, so I'm very pleased! However she was not the most cooperative taking pictures today, it was like pulling teeth to make her look happy. In this nect picture she begged me to take a picture with Eve in it too, so I had them sit next to each other and this is what Kylie gives me:

I snapped a dozen more pictures but she didn't smile in a single one. And she was the one who wanted the picture. Whatever, she is her own person, haha!

I did get some cute ones though of just her:

This is SUCH a Kylie face.

Funny story with this one: I asked her what makes her happy and to pretend the camera was that thing. She answered "Cole" ( a boy in her preschool class) and gave me the biggest smile. She is really starting to get boy crazy.