Thursday, March 26, 2009

My "big girl"

Ever since Eve has arrived into our world, Kylie has seemed like she grew up instantly. She used to be my little baby girl and all of a sudden she has turned into my "big girl." It's hard to believe that just 15 months ago, she was just as small and helpless as her little sister. She has grown so much! And it's not only physical growth, she has learned so much and she has developed quite the personality. So, I would like to dedicate this post to my first born and talk about all the fun things she is doing at 15 months.

When she was younger, I thought her biggest strength would be motor development. She was always on the go, whether is was scooting, rolling, crawling, walking, or the latest: running. She was crawling before she could sit and she was walking at 9 months, so I definitely thought that was what her intelligence was: gross motor. However, as active as she still is, I think that we may have discovered a bigger strength or intelligence type: music. She has been dancing to music as soon as she could pull herself up at 7 months. I didn't think anything of it, because I've seen lots of babies shake and do the "baby squat" to the beat. However, her moves have gotten a lot more complex lately and she can always adjust to the beat. Her favorite type of music to dance to is slow music, the kind that reminds me of elevator music. It's too funny to watch. I think we are going to sign her up for dance class as soon as she's old enough. Yet, it's not her dancing that makes us think she's musically talented, it's her singing. It's very impressive how she can repeat tunes. She can't repeat the words of the songs, but when she repeats songs, the tune and pitch is almost perfect. Her favorite song to sing is the "ABC"s. I need to record her singing it, because it's so cute to listen to. She does sing other songs (she does a pretty impressive "E I E I O" of old McDonald) and we can always tell what song it is even without her singing the words. Kylie is such a little entertainer, that I'm sure it will make sense for her to have a career one day in the music industry. Look at me, I'm already planning her career at 15 months. :)

She is also doing very well at following instructions. Here are some instructions that she obeys 99% of the time:
*Bring me the _______. (insert toy, or another thing that she knows well.)
*Lay down so we can change your diaper. (She will go find the mat and lay down on it. It has made diaper changing so much easier lately.)
*Go night night (she won't actually go right to sleep, but she will lay down wherever she is. It's more of a game.)
*Go to bed. (She will run to her bed and wait to get tucked in. She loves bedtime and naptime. We are so lucky.)
*Where is the ________? (I guess this isn't an instruction, but she will help look for whatever it is.)
*Give _______ a kiss.
*Give _______ a hug.
*Sit (No, she's not a dog, but there are times when she stands in the bathtub or in the baby's swing and it's just not safe)
*Spin (she loves to spin around in a circle)

Now here are the instructions that she obeys 1% of the time:
*No (she thinks it's a game.)
*Come here

Coming up next: a list of words that my girl can say at 15 months. Right now, her sister is hungry.


  1. Parker LOVES to dance!! I uploaded a couple of videos on here of him dancing a few days ago so you'll have to check them out! :) Sounds like Kylie is doing tons of fun things right now! Isn't it SO fun having a toddler??!! I LOVE it! I can't wait to hear her sing the ABC's! Little kids singing is the best! :)

  2. It is so amazing how much alike Kylie and Addie are...I literally could have just inserted Addie's name to this post when she was Kylie's age! I think they would be good friends : )

  3. Becky - I would love to tape her singing, but she won't do it in front of the camera. I'm going to keep trying!

    Erica - how funny! I'm sure they would be great friends, Kylie loves playing with other kids close to her age.