Friday, October 30, 2009

All about Eve

It's been way too long since I've posted! Oops! I'm going to try and write a post about each family member so I can get this blog updated, starting with my baby. I know this is going to be very long, but it's more for me to remember than anything else, so I won't be offended if you, as the reader, do not want to read everything. I love this age and I want to look back and remember everything about this stage in her life. My little Evie (or "Evie Stevie" or "Everz" as we call her) is my sweet little doll baby and I absolutely love her to pieces in a way I could never quite explain in just this blog.

Current Age: 7 months

Eve is my tiny little girl. When she was last weighed at the Doctor's office for her 6 month appointment, they tried to tell me she was only 11 lbs. 3 oz. I was very worried about this because I knew she has gained more than that since her 4 month appointment. So, I weighed her myself and showed the doctor. And she did weigh more by a whole pound! I knew it. The doctor told me that it was hard to weigh her because she's so wiggly, but I'm just really good at those old fashioned scales. But that's not the point of this story, the point is that she barely weighed 12 lbs at her 6 month appointment, which is in the 1%, not even on the charts. I think her length was 24.5 inches which put her in the 20th percentile for length, but I'm not sure about that. It's so strange to me because her sister was always average or just a little less on weight and in the 90s% for length. But Eve is very healthy and there's absolutely nothing to worry about. She's still in 3-6 months clothes but the good news is that they fit her pretty well. I always struggled dressing Kylie because she was always so much longer than she should have been based on her height so everything fell off of her. Eve on the other hand, even though she's small, her weight and length percentiles are closer together so the fit of baby clothes is much better (even if the size itself is much smaller than what she should wear based on age).

It's funny that she's so small because she loves to eat. Within the last week I have stopped breastfeeding her and she's now taking bottles (That's a whole entire story coming up later). She loves bottles and eats them at least every 3 hours. In addition to that, she loves solid food and eats a couple baby jars a day and lots of table food. She loves mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, potato soup, yogurt... pretty much anything that I feel is safe to give her she will gobble up. It is exhausting trying to feed her but I have so much more energy now due to not breastfeeding/pumping around the clock. Did you know that breastfeeding takes on average 500 extra calories? Not to mention if the baby wakes up at night, guess who gets to wake up EVERY TIME with her? That's right, me, the mommy.

That brings me to my next update: nights with Eve. Everything started out fine with her. The first couple months really didn't seem that bad. I was able to sometimes get 4 straight hours of sleep which is more than I expected since Kylie had her nights mixed up as a baby so I was ready for the worse with Eve. So waking up every 3 to 4 hours didn't seem that bad with Eve at first. However, she never really started to sleep longer and it became convenient for me to just let her sleep in bed with me and I would breastfeed her in my sleep. This was great until she became so attached to me that many nights she wouldn't sleep unless she was cuddled up to me and using me as her personal pacifier, if you get what I mean. Jason eventually moved to the couch to sleep because I wanted as much room as possible with her by my side on our small full size bed. So, at about 6 and a half months we started sleep training... which included giving her bottles instead of breastfeeding... and letting her do some crying it out. We moved her bed out into the hallway and plan to move it into Kylie's room whenever we trust Eve not to wake her up in the middle of the night. So far it's been a whole week that she has slept through the night and I feel like a whole new person! It's amazing what an uninterrupted night's sleep can do for a person :).

Eve is a very active little girl. She is crawling everywhere. She does a combination of real crawling, the inch worm (where she gets up on all fours really high and lunges forward) and the bear crawl (where she stays up really high with her bottom up in the air and crawls that way.) She's a momma's girl so she follows me around everywhere. When I'm cooking in the kitchen, she's hanging out at my feet. When I'm in the laundry room, there she is. You get the idea. She can easily pull herself up to a sitting position and tries really hard to stand up on her own without any success yet. We don't have much in our apartment for her to use to pull up on, so she might not be cruising anytime soon. I'll see what I can find for her to use. I might have to pull out some of Kylie's toy boxes. Eve is a very happy baby (most of the time :] )and makes some pretty funny happy sounds, usually very loud squealing or loud "ba ba ba" talk. Oh, and I'm reluctant to admit this, because I'm not proud of it, but she LOVES TV, unlike Kylie at this age who would usually ignore it if it was on. If the TV is on, Eve will twist around until she can see it... not good. Thank goodness, she also loves books and playing with her sister as long as she is being nice to her :).

She never lost her hair, so she has lots of long honey brown hair sitting on top of brand new baby hair that's growing in. It looks pretty funny, but also adorable. She has very defined and beautiful bone structure and chin and the same dimples as her big sister. I love dimples! I truly think she is a gorgeous little baby. Everyone tells me that she looks like me, but based on my baby pictures, I don't really see that much resemblance. I'll put up some of my pictures sometime in the future, right now they are all at my parent's house. I had a long face, long forehead and ears that stuck out. Eve's face is more angular and more "compact" and her eyes are almond shaped which makes her look like she might have some Asian ancestry. I was also bald, so I'm sure that makes me look a lot different just looking at the pictures. I do see some of me in her, and I also see some of Jason in her especially in the facial expressions. I also had very dark brown eyes and Eve's eyes are a mixture of many different colors. I'm not disagreeing 100% when people say she looks like me, I just don't think she is a clone of me like a lot of people tell me. I think she's cuter than I was :). We'll see who we are comparing her to as she gets older. It's weird how it can all change in a couple years.

Eve is a very friendly little girl. I've called her my "little flirt" because she loves smiling at strangers and very coyly looking away. Kylie, as a baby, went through a period where she was scared of strangers, especially men and if the man had a beard, he had NO CHANCE of winning her affection. Eve never went through that. She smiles and squeals at any new face who looks her way. She loves other babies and young children the most. I have caught her giving huge slobbery kisses to other babies her age. However she's still a mommy's girl and she won't be friendly with anyone until she has gotten in enough "mommy's cuddles" for the day. This really can drive me nuts sometimes, but I'm trying to remember that someday I will long for these fun cuddles when she wants nothing to do with her dear mommy.

I will post pictures later. Right now all our pictures are on the other (faster and better) laptop and we are waiting for a new charger to come in the mail before we can get on it. I might take some pictures and upload them to this computer, but it doesn't have any great editing options like the other one, so it might be a while before I upload any pictures. So stay tuned ;)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My little problem solver

For some strange reason, Kylie wants to use eating utensils instead of her fingers in most situations. There are some times she enjoys using her fingers, but she definitely loves her fork and spoon. A fork is just kind of hard to use when you are eating straight pretzels:
The solution: Just stuff your fork and pretzel in your mouth at the same time.