Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My "big girl": continued...

Kylie is an excellent "babbler", but she doesn't have the greatest vocabulary yet. However, I am still very proud of all the words that she can say. It's so much fun to watch her learn, and I can't wait for that language explosion that toddlers are supposed to have. Yet sometimes I don't want her to grow up any more, because this stage is just so fun.

Anyways, I put together a list of words that Kylie says at fifteen months. I only included words that she says consistently: sometimes I'll ask her to say a word and she'll repeat it phonetically, but she really never uses it in the right context or she'll never say it again, so it's not a word she really knows. I put in quotation marks the way she says the word phonetically in case it's different than what it's supposed to sound like. Some of the words don't have this because I think she says it just "perfect" :).

So here we go:

· Yes (“Yah” This is her usual answer to all my questions. I think she thinks all questions are supposed to be answered with "yes.")
· Eye
· Nose (“Neigh", "new" or "no" depending on her mood)
· Mouth (“Mou”)
· Teeth (“Tee”)
· Ear
· Belly Button (“Bay Buttah”)
· Touchdown (“Tah-Dow". She also does the gesture by throwing her arms in the air. This is one of her favorites.)
· More
· Please (“Peas”)
· Thank You (“Tank Ou”)
· Milk (“Mill”)
· Banana (“Nana” or sometimes just “Na”)
· Kitty
· Dog
· Bird (“Bir”)
· Baby (Her favorite word, and by far the most understandable)
· Hi (You can always tell how excited Kylie is to see you based on how many “hi”s you get from her.)
· Bye
· Night Night (“Nie nie”)
· Ball (“Ba”)
· Shoe (“eww”)
· Daddy, Dadda and Papa (Jason taught her to call him papa, because he thinks she says it cute. I don’t think it’s fair that she has three words that she calls him and she barely calls me mama.)
· Mama (She only calls me mama when she’s upset about something)
· Grandma
· Grandpa
· Ray Ray (“Raw Raw” This is what she calls my sister Rachel)
· Three (“Twee” This is her favorite number for some reason. When we practice our counting, she uses it for every number. So counting sounds like this: “Twee, Twee, Twee…”)
· Two (Every once in a while, Kylie will throw in a “Two” in the middle of all those threes. It’s so cute.)
· Uh-oh (Another favorite. She says it all the time. Her favorite time to use it, is EVERY TIME I change the TV channel.)
· Tree (“Twee”. It sounds exactly like her “three”, but she only says it once instead of counting it over and over and when she says it, she’s pointing at a tree, so I can tell which word she’s saying based on the context.)
· Baah (This is the sound she thinks that all animals make.)
· Rock Rock (This is what she says when she rocks on the recliner or on a rocking chair)
· Wee Wee (This is what she says on a swing, or the baby swing, or a slide)
· Up (“uh”)
· Down (“Dow”)
· Pretty (“Petty” or just “etty”. This is the word we use for lots of things: bows for her hair, pretty socks, lights –like on a christmas tree, wall hangings…)
· Barney (“Bonnie” This is her favorite TV show and I figured out why: She loves live singing. She loves it when people sing and dance instead of just having music playing. The kids on Barney always have organized singing and dancing. She will ignore the TV, unless there is singing, then you can’t get her attention.)
· Yeah!! (What Kylie says every time she claps. The silly girl will clap every time she hears someone say “good job” or “yeah” or every time someone else claps.)

Kylie picking her "neigh"


  1. You said she doesn't have the greatest vocabulary yet but it looks to me like she's right on track or even advanced in her language development and says a LOT of words! According to "What to Expect the Toddler Years" by the end of the 15th month children "should be able to...use at least one word. Will probably be able to...use 2 words (by 14 1/2 months) and may possibly be able to...point to one body part when asked" (among other things listed but those are the ones related to language. Parker says a lot of words too at 13 months but like you were saying that you think Kylie is gifted in music, we think Parker is gifted in verbal skills. A difference though is that his physical development is average or even a little bit behind average. The "average" time for walking is apparently 13-15 months and Parker is still not walking yet and is already 13 months old...Kylie on the other hand has been walking since she was like 8 or 9 months old right? Kylie seems to be doing wonderfully and seems to be super smart! Plus I also remember pics from LONG ago of her doing imitative, imaginary play things at a very young age! :)

  2. I agree with Becky! Kylie seems like she is doing quite well in the language department. I made a list like that for Addie a few months ago too! I am glad I did too because I had no idea how many words she was actually saying until I wrote them all done and then I was like "whoa!". She hit the word explosion probably around 18 months though and I quit counting LOL
    And we are going to be in KC (Liberty to be exact) on the 18th, how far away is Liberty from you guys????? I really think Addie and Kylie would have so much fun playing together! They are so much alike!

  3. Becky - I think I might have to buy that book. It's encouraging to hear that she's ahead of schedule language wise, I didn't think she was! I'm sure it's fine that Parker isn't walking yet, he has reached other physical milestones, so it's not like he's not trying to be mobile. Oh, and Parker MUST be super smart language-wise because he says more words than any other 13 month old that I know of!

  4. Erica - We live really close to Liberty! It's about 8 miles away, but it's all highway driving, so it doesn't take very long to get there. Send me a message or something to let me know what works for you.

  5. Woah, sorry, I didn't know that I was signed in as Jason, this is Kristin. Sorry for the confusion!

  6. balloon?? she says that as well

  7. haha...I though it was funny that Jason was responding to the posts since I thought that you were the main one who wrote the blog posts. ;)

  8. So, "anonymous", you are right, she does say balloon or "boon". That must mean you are a Toll if you know that.

  9. and cookie.. actually i feel like you're missing a lot of words.. way to be a bad mother

  10. Ok, Rach (or Steph, but I'm pretty sure it's Rayray) she only says "cookie" if you say it first. So it doesn't count yet until she uses it in her own. I know she knows what it means because she will get really excited and run to the kitchen.

    She also says "bubble" and "nice". She says "nice" when she "pets" Eve's hair because we've had to work on using a nice touch with the baby. :) She sometimes finds the stick used to blow bubbles and tries to blow in it and says "bubble" the whole time.