Tuesday, May 4, 2010

From the mouth of my 2 year old

We all know that veteran parents tell us to write down all the cute and funny things your kids say. Great idea, only I always forget to do it. So yesterday, I decided to jot down a few during the day. At least the cute things they said yesterday will not be forgotten even if I forget everything else (which I will).

Here they are, in no particular order:

  • We have had some ants sneak in and crawl around the computer desk. Kylie loves trying to get them to crawl on her and she loves to tell me about it: "Look mommy! I have an ant on me." Well yesterday, there were no ants on the desk and although I was happy about that, Kylie was not. She was in a little ball crying by the desk, big fake crying which was cute in itself and I tried hard not to laugh as she said: "Ants are all gone. I'm sad. I want ants to crawl on me." I sympathized with her, but her pathetic, dramatic fake cry was making me laugh inside.
  • Kylie told me: "I have peanut butter all on my foot." I checked it out and there was no peanut butter but quite a bit of blood. Nothing a bandaid couldn't take care of, and Kylie wasn't any pain although she wanted to know where the peanut butter came from.

  • I had made some bread dough and was forming it into little rolls. I let Kylie taste a little piece and I told her that she could only have a tiny bit because there was yeast in it and it would hurt her tummy if she ate too much. She got all wide eyed and asked: "There's geese in the bread mommy?" I told her it was yeast, not geese but she didn't believe me. I let her give a very tiny piece to Eve who had been sitting there begging the entire time. Kylie gave it to her and said: "Just a little bit. The geese will hurt your tummy." Once again I tried to correct her but Kylie just got mad: "No! It's geese! There's geese in the bread mom!"

  • When Jason had to leave for work, Kylie was so sad about it. She was all cuddled in his lap when he told her he had to leave soon. Kylie said: "I don't want you to leave, EVER!" Ok, so this quote was actually quite sad, but it was so completely adorable the way she said it to him. Jason told her that he never wanted to leave, ever, either.

  • Right before bedtime, Kylie and Jason were playing some weird game where they made us funny sound and made up words and the other one repeated it. After playing for a little while, Kylie came up to me and exclaimed in a tattle tale voice: "Daddy saying weird things mommy." She really emphasized the word "weird" which was pretty funny.

  • So this isn't a funny kid quote, but I didn't want Eve to feel left out and she doesn't really say that many words. I swear she kept saying: "I want more momma" as she kept emptying her plate. I can't say that I blame her, it was my homemade chicken alfredo which is delicious. She's said the word "more" quite a bit and we all know that she knows the word "momma", but it really sounded like a sentence: "I want more momma." I could have just been imagining it though. The girl loves food, so this wouldn't be all too surprising.

  • This last one comes with a picture bonus. Kylie was helping me change the plug in scent dispenser and I told her to smell the empty one because it still smelled good. She took a big whiff and said: "I don't let this touch my boogies."

Yesterday's outfits

Look how cute Eve is in this little dress and funny face she makes when she's really excited about something (hence the clapping):
She's 13 months old and that dress is size 3-6 months, like a good chunk of the clothes she still wears. Here's a picture of Kylie that I dug up wearing the exact same dress at 4 months old. It's so weird to see clothes that Kylie wore as a baby on Eve as a toddler.

But what's also weird is that I noticed that Kylie was wearing a skirt she was wearing a year ago. Here's 28 month old Kylie showing me her mustache with a stick she found:And here's 18 month old Kylie wearing the same skirt. I know she wore it before 18 months, I just couldn't find a picture of it. I swear Kylie's been the same height for the past year.