Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kylie vs. the goat

It all started when Kylie noticed this cute little goat standing on this wooden post. She walks up to him and bossily declares: "Get off goat. You not supposed to be on there."Here she is trying to scoot him off when the goat ignored her command:

Then they both got distracted by something over in that direction:

But Kylie managed to refocus and push that little goat off the post. She then proceeded to claim it as her own:
The goat noticed that he had been tricked by this little girl. She wasn't trying to keep him out of trouble, she was trying to steal his seat:

So he tried to push her off. Repeatedly.

Here he is finally giving up, and Kylie looking pretty proud of herself:

But I think she was worried he might get a second wind, so she told him: "Go over there goat! That looks like fun!"
Winner of "King of the wooden post": Kylie.

And how did Miss Eve do with the goats? Let's just say that I don't think she has ever been happier. Her squeals of excitement even caused other little kids to follow her around and "Eve watch" instead of "goat watch." Next time I'm bringing my camcorder.

Friday, June 11, 2010

"I wanna draw a happy face."

Those words were uttered to me by Kylie a couple weeks ago. So I gave her some crayons and a piece of paper and she amazed me. She actually drew a smiley face and added some legs. She has drawn several more since then, and even has even added arms to some of them. I had to take picture of her first "real" drawing. Well I guess she has previously drawn lots of worms, snakes and legs. Seriously, she used to draw lots of lines and tell me they were either worms, snakes or legs depending on her mood. She has also recently tried writing the letter "K for Kylie" as she calls it, but it ends up being three parallel lines. This usually frustrates her because she's such a little perfectionist. Oh well, I keep telling her that she will eventually be able to write "K" all by herself and that she's getting bigger every day. This seems to comfort her. In the meantime, we have fun finding "K for Kylie"s and "E for Everz" everywhere we go. (She is recognizing lots of letters now.) And of course, drawing "happy faces."

We've also started cutting and gluing. Here she hard at work with her scissors:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Kylie's dermatology appointment

We had our follow up appointment for Kylie's eczema today at Children's Mercy Hospital. They confirmed that her skin was looking fantastic. It really is so much softer now that we put vaseline on her twice a day. We aren't having to use the steroids as much, which is good, but there are still a couple spots that seem to need it every day. Since she's still scratching (and whimpering) in her sleep, they decided to add prescription benadryl to her list of medecines. So now she's supposed to take zyrtec in the mornings and benadryl up to twice a day. We are going to try to stick to once a day for the benadryl, but the dermatologist said we could do it twice a day if we felt she needed it. We have a follow up appointment in 3 months, let's hope they don't add any more medecine next time we go.

On a side note, look how adorable Kylie is in the hospital gown. While we were in the room waiting for the doctor, Kylie told us that she had to go use the potty. Jason took her down the hallway to the bathroom and I could hear the nurses and doctors "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing at her cuteness all the way from our room.