Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bringing home baby

Well, I have lots of pictures to share, and it would take much too long to post them on here. So I'm going to post links to see albums on facebook instead. This way, if you don't have a facebook account, you can still see all the pictures of our happy little family.

Pictures from the hospital:

Pictures from the first week:

We are all doing well. Kylie is a good big sister. She either ignores the baby or gives her kisses. She does not like it when the baby cries, it usually makes her do the same. However, Eve is a very quiet baby and hardly ever cries. She still has her head full of dark hair and her eyes, although they do have the new baby blue tint, are still very dark. Her eyes make her look so different than Kylie, since Kylie's eyes were shaped just like her daddy's and Eve has almond shaped eyes. When she was first born, they didn't have the folds yet, so I thought she looked oriental. Of course, I was still in a stupor from giving birth the natural and horrifying way, so my brain could have been a little off. She had folds over her eyes the next time I saw her. Her little face is very triangular shaped and very petite. Kylie had really big lips for a newborn and all of Eve's features are a lot smaller. It will be fun to read these first impressions years later when Eve looks nothing like what I'm describing. Like how my sisters and I have more similarities (looks-wise) the older we get. We all looked so different as children, but now I notice more and more things that look the same.

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  1. Every time I see your sisters I think you all look exactly alike! :)