Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Why do these things always happen to me?" :)

I was getting ready to go sub early this morning and Jason had just dragged himself out of bed. The first thing he did was get on the computer to check his email. As I'm getting ready I hear "Uh-oh."
So I peek in the living room to see what happened. He looks up at me and says:
"I think I just did something bad."
I give him a puzzling look.
"I accidentally bought a wii." he continued
"You accidentally did what??" I'm confused. I didn't know it was possible to buy something on accident.
"Bought a wii."
"I placed a bid on ebay, it was low enough I thought I would get outbid."
I was shocked. I knew Jason really wanted a wii, but we had decided that we would wait until he had a good job first. We do have some money saved up, but since we don't know what the future holds, we wanted to make sure that we knew where our next paycheck was coming from before we spent money on things we didn't need.
"Are you being serious?"
"Yes," pause "Why do these things always happen to me?"
"Why do what things always happen to you? You mean things like you placing a bid on things and being surprised when you bought it?"
"You poor thing."
So now we have a wii. At least we got a good deal on it (it's brand new) because it was a low enough price Jason thought it would never be the highest bid (if he didn't want to buy it, I don't know why he was bidding on it in the first place). We actually haven't decided if we are going to keep it or sell it back. The other positive thing: Jason can't get mad at me for all the cameras we've had to buy in the past.

Oh and good thing it wasn't a van. Jason has been wanting to buy a van lately and has been looking at them on ebay. At least I HOPE it's just looking!


  1. must be a guy thing. i have heard that from shawn a few times. :o)

  2. Hey! How did your appointment go?