Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I've been waiting very patiently for my doctor's appointment. Well, maybe the right word is anxiously, but the big day was finally supposed to be here today.

When we first moved to Missouri, I had to cancel my Kansas health insurance and apply for insurance in Missouri. Right away, I also called a doctor's clinic nearby to find a doctor who would see me for the remainder of the pregnancy. They said they could not see me until I had my new insurance card, and they told me which kind of insurance to get for their clinic. The insurance company approved me for insurance, but for some reason coverage wouldn't start until February 17th, which at the time was a couple of weeks away. So I called the doctor's office back to set up an appointment. They sent me paperwork to fill out and told me to bring in my paperwork from my doctor's office in Manhattan who was previously seeing me. When they made the appointment, it was a couple of weeks away because they had to wait until the date would be covered by my insurance.

So I filled out all their paperwork and waited.

Finally the big day was here! I woke up today really excited to see if the baby was in the right position, if I was dilated... all those things that you want to find out when you are 38 weeks pregnant.

However, when I got to the doctor's office, they immediately pulled me aside and said that they couldn't see me... because I was too far along. They said I was a liability and that I would just have to wait until I went in labor and go to the hospital. I was so confused, they had made the appointment with me and they had asked at the time when my due date was. Why were they telling me this now? Why didn't they even bother to call me before my appointment and tell me I would need to find somewhere else to go? I was practically in tears, but they were heartless about it.

So, I've called other doctors around and no one has any openings before my due date. Wouldn't it have been nice to have known about this earlier? I am so upset that they waited up until I came in to their office for my appointment to tell me this. Another reason some places can't see is because they accept a different insurance and I had to pick a specific insurance plan, so of course I picked the one that is accepted at the doctor's office I THOUGHT I would be going to. I finally found a doctor's office that will see me... the DAY before my due date. So if I haven't had the baby by then, I will go to that appointment.

So now, the waiting game begins again. This time I'm hoping for labor to happen before my appointment. I just swallowed a bunch of Tabasco sauce hoping it might cause something to happen. It's too bad I love spicy food and it doesn't have a big effect on my body, so I doubt it works.


  1. I'm disappointed too. I agree with you, Kristin. It sounds like the doctors office was very unprofessional in the way they treated you. I also know how frustrating it is, because you feel powerless to do anything about it. Don't give up. Keep calling the office, asking to see the doctor. Take the time to explain the situation. Over and Over. Explain the situation. Call every day. Have your doctor in Manhattan call them. Explain you are disappointed because they acted in an unprofessional way. Explain you want to see the doctor. Call them.

  2. I would be SOO upset too Kristin! So sorry to hear that! Well hopefully you'll just have Eve very soon and you won't have to deal with it! That sounds like a very frustrating situation though and I wouldn't want to be in your shoes!