Saturday, February 7, 2009

70 Degrees in February!

It was such a nice today. It's days like this that help me keep my sanity in the Winter. I don't like staying inside all the time, but it beats going outside when it's cold. The best thing about today was being able to play with my new camera! So I'll recap the days events through pictures:
"Mommy has a new camera!!! I really want it!!"

"If she won't let me have her camera, I'll just keep running away from her so she can't take a picture!"

"First thing to do in the morning: make the biggest mess possible in the living room. I know Daddy just cleaned and vacuumed yesterday, but that's what makes it so fun!"

Time to read and relax a little after destroying the room.

Stealing mommy's phone... hello?

Playing with the farm animals (her favorite toy right now)

Feeding her baby crackers (notice all the crumbs on the couch)

Then it's time to cuddle

We gave Kylie her first ponytail!

It's Kylie Princess Warrior!! (This is our little enclosed patio)

She likes to pull in the rocks. (It's funny, because after playing with them, she'll sometimes put them back).

Running away with rocks!

Brushing her hair

Trying to escape. Actually, she DID figure out how to get through the bars! I was very impressed, but then I had to jump over the bars to get her.

During her great escape, she found dogs looking out the neighbor's window.

Daddy had to carry her back home, because she refused to walk in that direction.

As you can see, it was a very enventful day.
Oh, and I guess I should mention the REAL eventful thing of the day: Jason took his social working test. He said there were a lot of people there taking the test at the same time. He should hear back in 2-3 weeks (yikes!) if they want to do an interview. He also talked to the mission where he previously applied to be a volunteer coordinator and they are looking at applications now, so he might hear back this week for that job. I'm hoping something falls in place soon. Jason has been working really hard at trying to find a job. He thought if all else failed, he'd be able to get a retail job with all the experience he's had. However, no one is hiring right now for retail jobs, most of those employers are having to lay people off right now. So just pray right now that we have patience, but I guess there's no other option but to wait.


  1. Great pictures. I would say it's the new camera, but I know it's really the cute subject. Give Kylie a hug from grandpa.

  2. I LOVE the pics of Kylie!! The pictures of her with her doll are definitely my favorite, followed by the cute ones of her with her cute pony tail in! :) She looks so old in all the pics!! Our babies are growing into did that happen so quickly??!!

  3. got a camera! I needed to see pictures of Kylie. But where is the picture of Kristin jumping over the fence?