Saturday, January 29, 2011

Musical tales from a car ride

On a long and boring car ride, Kylie decided that she was tired of listening to her Laurie Berkner CD. She and Eve normally listen to the CD at least once a day. It's their favorite and it's actually kids music that I don't mind listening to multiple times a day. In fact, I sing along.

A lot.

Moon Moon Moon, anyone?

Earlier in the car ride, I was singing along to "Fast and Slow" and Kylie told me to stop singing because the song was dangerous. I asked her why she thought so, and she replied because the song has poop in it. I'm pretty sure it doesn't. I know all of the words.

(We listen to it enough times.)

But after hearing the CD three times in a row, Kylie decided that it was time for some new music. So I decided to scan the radio (I really need to find some more kids music but I'm afraid they will love something I will not love as much as our dear friend Laurie Berkner.) Kylie hated everything except for the classical music. She was so excited to hear it and called it "Andy the deer music." I think it's because she is thinking of "Bambi" instead of "Andy". The movie Bambi has a lot of classical music. I know this because it used to terrify my younger sister, Rachel. Kylie hasn't seen the movie in over six months, but I really don't know what else she could be referring to.

It was so funny because she was noticing all the different instruments that were playing. So she decided to call the music "lots of instrument music" instead of "Andy the deer music." I was impressed when she correctly identified the trumpet and the piano. She also said she heard the drums when the cymbals played. I'm no musician (unless I'm singing to Laurie Berkner of course) so that was close enough to impress me. Plus, I know enough to tell you that they are both percussion and don't drum sets usually include the cymbals?

The classical song we were listening to magically then turned into an opera song. The singer had a deep voice, so Kylie asked me what the giant was singing about.

The whole time, Eve was very mad because she wanted her old music back. Every single time we get in the car, Eve asks "Song? Song?" and when good old Laurie starts singing, Eve exclaims "Yay! Song!" Of course if it's not a Laurie Berkner song, Eve gets mad and starts screaming and demanding "Song! Song!" But Kylie explained to Eve that "lots of instrument music" was good too and you could sing along to it with any song. So they tested the theory out and the rest of the car ride was filled with cute little voices singing "Row Row Row your Boat" and other classics accompanied by the likes of Beethoven and Chopin.

(Please don't ask me to tell you who the real composers were of the songs we listened to. I have no idea. I shouldn't have to remind you that music class was not my favorite.)

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