Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet Orange

Kylie had been wanting to build a snowman ever since the first snowfall this year. The first time we tried, the snow was too fluffy and it just wasn't packing. Yesterday, it was perfect snowman building weather. We finally finished our snowman which Kylie named "Orange." He is a Chicago Bears fan and enjoys shoveling. Kylie knew that snowman had carrot noses so we gave Orange the perfect one. On a whim, I colored his eyes, mouth and buttons in with sidewalk chalk and it worked wonderfully. Then we took a family library trip to borrow the Frosty the Snowman movie and watched it before bedtime. I love that the library lets you check out DVDs. Kylie and Eve picked out some books too of course, but that really isn't blog worthy as our library trips are always recurring. But yet, there I went and blogged about it anyways.

This is the first year in a long time that I have really enjoyed the snow. I don't like the cold and have seen the snow as a nuisance when I need to drive places. This time around, however, I have enjoyed watching my girls enjoy it. And I have enjoyed it as well. I especially love throwing snowballs at Jason. The last year I probably enjoyed it this much was 8th grade when we lived in Northern Indiana where the amount of snow each Winter is simply extraordinary. We lived right next door to our church's parking lot, which was ideal for fort building. This was no ordinary fort building either. We had multiple forts in the parking lot connected by secret snow tunnels. I also had a friend who had a lake in her backyard, which would get covered in ice and was perfect for us to act out scenes of the Titanic movie. But ever since that year, I have hated the snow until now. My only other fun snow memories was when we lived in France when it would *maybe* snow once per year and would melt by the next day. But it was just the right amount of time to enjoy the snow and then move on to other fun things.

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