Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Animal Science Book

Thanks Diego for giving Kylie the idea that she needs an animal science book! It's been a new project in our house and it's been a lot of fun. I gave each of the girls a spiral notebook, started working on animal fact sheets and coloring page and we have been hard at work learning about animals. With my biology background and organizational tendencies, it's been hard for me not to create a book organized by the class, order, family and genus within the animal kingdom (I don't care about the phylum, I hate dealing with phylums.) In fact, the animals Kylie picked out so far have been such a broad category (Frog for example). I managed to sneak in a spider monkey because it was bugging me that we didn't have any specific species in our oh so very scientific study (Technically, there are seven species of spider monkeys but we are getting less broad.) My girls are just one and three years old. They don't care. And I'm not in college anymore. I don't care either. We are talking about animals and making a book. It's cool enough. Plus, I don't have to stress about it. They don't know any better. That's nice too.

I'm hoping this project is an ongoing thing and that we have a finished product we can admire years down the road. Maybe not for scientific purposes, but just for the sake of cuteness.

Here's a peek inside Kylie's book:

This page is my favorite so far. I love how Kylie drew lines at the bottom and asked me to write "frog" on the first line and "bugs" on the second line. The bugs are for the frogs to eat of course.

I love the three humped camel!
 And here's a little peek inside Eve's book.
Oops, Kylie "helped" her little sister out with this page!

Five animals down! Can you tell my handwriting apart from Jason's?

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