Sunday, February 20, 2011

My little messes...

I was lucky with Kylie, she hated messes. She ate very carefully and when she didn't, she wasn't happy about it. Here she is at 15 months, unhappy about having carrots all over her face:

Now, Eve is a different story. Her middle name should have been "mess." Who else do you know manages to get chili all over their foot at dinner?

Here are just some more pictures of her eating chili that night. Keep in mind that this is typical. I only went to get the camera because of the chili on her foot. (Now THAT is a little atypical and I'm not sure how she did it.) Oh and I was actually happy this day because she didn't wipe her dirty hands all over her hair or pour any bowls of chili on her head. (But she did pour a cup of water in her lap. On purpose. While giggling.)

Ok, so maybe Kylie does like being messy every once in while. It's not often, because usually she needs to wipe up every little spec of food that she spills on the table. But every once in a while she loosens up. She has learned after many attempts that finger painting can be fun. She also likes digging in the dirt (but insists I clean her up before she does anything else.) But she can be a neat freak. Big time. She will sometimes pretend to go to the bathroom just so she can wash her hands.

There was this one time, back in August, when Jason and I were cleaning out our kitchen cabinets (we had to have them emptied out because the pest control was doing their scheduled spraying in our apartment) and as we were putting everything away, we turn around to see that the girls had found the food coloring in one of the boxes we were storing the cabinet goodies in:

Yikes! Thankfully the girls poured the green food coloring out on the table and it did come off since I cleaned it right away. I'm so glad they didn't dump this out on the carpet or couch. That would have been more of a disaster.
Kylie thought it was so funny at first!
Until she noticed how messy she really was.

Not so happy now about being a mess!

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