Monday, April 19, 2010

Recent Dr. Appts

We had two doctor appointments this week: Kylie's dermatology appointment at Children's Mercy Hospital and Eve's one year checkup.

Let's start with Kylie:

It went pretty well. We now have two different steroids gels to put on her twice a day: one for her body and one for her face and around her eyes. We are also supposed to cover her skin in vaseline (petroleum jelly) twice a day. Along with the steroids, they prescribed an allergy medecine similar to Zyrtec to give her once a day. I'm so glad her insurance covers it; those over the counter allergy medecines we were buying for her weren't cheap. It's been about 5 days now that we've started this new treatment and her skin looks fantastic! The only thing that I don't like is that the gels and vaseline have a tendency to somehow get in her hair and make it look really oily like we haven't washed it in a month. We are learning little tricks to keep it out of her hair, but it's not always successful. At least her skin looks and feels fabulous, it makes the hair issue not so important.

They also weighed her at 27 lbs (40th percentile) and measured her at 35.5 inches (still almost 3 feet, I swear she has been stuck here forever! 75th percentile)

Now on to Eve:

She is 13 months now, but the doctor's office didn't have her vaccinations at the time of her birthday, so we had to postpone her appointment for a month. On her first birthday, I weighed her on Wii Fit and it said she weighed just barely over 15 lbs. This followed her previous growing curve very well, so I'm pretty sure that was right. However, there was a week after her birthday where she seemed to get significantly bigger every single morningI got her out of her crib. Other people noticed it too and told me how much bigger she looked (for Eve anyway!). Well, at the doctor's office, just five weeks after I weighed her on the Wii, she weighed in at barely 17 lbs. (For some reason, her doctor always has us leave her clothes and diaper on, so without it, I think she would have been almost 17 lbs.) So she really did gain some weight this month! She is still in the "less than 3rd percentile" area, so I don't know her exact weight percentile. She was 27.5 inches long, so exactly at the 3rd percentile. So, she's pretty tiny, but I feel like she has gotten bigger based on her own little bitty growth history.

Jason stayed home with Kylie to do some homework, while I took Eve to the doctor. It was so much fun to go out with just my little baby. Now that she's one, her personality is staring to show and it's so fun to watch develop. I will have to write a whole other blog post sometime about this little Miss Ornery; for now I'll just stick to how funny she was at the doctor's office. She was walking all over the waiting room, walking up to every person to look at their face to try to get them to pay attention to her. She was squealing and giggling all while paying attention to who was watching her. She had so many adults laughing at her and she was loving it. She was honestly working the room and it was cracking me up. If anyone smiled at her, she would giggle and prance about. Seriously, prancing, with her little hips shaking and little hands waving at her side. When no one would pay attention to her, she would do her little fake cry. It's obviously fake because she can't even keep a straight face while doing it. A mom next to me even asked me if she was fake crying. What a silly girl. I'm glad to see her start to break out of her shell and becoming less attached to me. I do love how much of a momma's girl she normally is (most of the time, I need a break once in a while though!) but it's nice to see this side of her as well.

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