Monday, April 19, 2010

Potty training while...

... watching TV, reading the Bible and making silly faces.

We took a long break from potty training. I was ready to give up until Kylie realized she was the only one in middle school who still used a diaper. Thankfully, for Kylie's sake, Jason helped us get back on track. There is absolutely no way I could do this without his help. Now, we are finally at a potty success rate of going in the potty over half the time. I don't know the exact numbers, it would be weird if I did know the actual rate, but it just feels like we are finally making good progress. Thanks Jason! Kylie will thank you too when she goes off to school diaperless.

Jason also bought that toddler Bible for Kylie a couple weeks ago, It's a great collection of Bible stories appropriate for young children. It has great pictures and the stories hold the short attention span of a toddler while still holding their biblical integrity. Anyways, Kylie has learned that God made all the animals, all the people, the sun, the moon... She will often tell us: "God made the birds!" (or any other animal, but it's usually birds) "God made mommy. God made Kylie" It's pretty cute. There is a drawing of Noah and the arc on the title page of the Old Testament and she's convinced that the picture of Noah is a picture of God. I've told her that it's Noah, but since she has two different friends from church named Noah, she didn't believe me. Oh well, she'll figure it out eventually.


  1. What's the name of the Bible you have for her? We have several for Parker but I've never found one I REALLY like yet so I'm always looking for good ones...


    There's the amazon link. I've also seen it at Hastings but for twice the price. Kylie also has her own real bible, but it's hard to read that to her since she would never understand most of it. I guess I should have mentioned that this "Bible" is just a collection of many of the stories (no where near all of them!) as you would tell a toddler. It wouldn't be any good for her in a coupld of years, but it's a great introduction: the stories are short and illustrated. There are also a lot of Jesus stories which I'm happy about. So I guess I probably shouldn't say that it holds complete biblical integrity since it leaves many stories out and the stories in there are paraphrased, but the stories are obviously from the Bible and not made up to make secular people happy if that makes sense. So I don't know what type of Bible you are looking for Parker. If it's one that has all the books of the Bible in it, this one isn't it. But if you want to read him real Bible stories, this one is great.

  3. At first we had this bible for Parker:

    but when he got older I wanted him to have one with more detail than the one he had had before so we got him this one:

    I don't know how that one compares to the one you have for Kylie but from the picture it looks like that one might have more detail in the stories than the "Toddlers' Bible" we currently have for Parker (which I think would be good because he LOVES to read "big kid" books) Oh, and that IS the type of Bible I was looking for for Parker...I think he's too young for a "real" Bible since like you said, he wouldn't understand a "real" one anyway. I do know what you mean though because some try to sugar coat things so much that the stories aren't even true to the actual Bible. I think I thought about getting the one you have for Kylie when I was trying to find the bigger kid Bible for Parker! It's so hard finding a good Bible for young kids and there are SOO many options that it's really difficult for an indecisive person like me, lol!

  4. I like that last picture of Kylie potty training, the one with her eyes closed and her tongue sticking out. She's so funny! Oh and the next time I see Eve I want her to be prancing and shaking her hips.