Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots of Reras!

Kylie's 2nd birthday party was lots of fun. We decided to have a small party since her first birthday party was pretty big. For those of you that don't remember we combined our graduation party with her first birthday party last year since we both graduated from Kansas State that same day. The option of having a park birthday (which would have been fun and easy) was not feasible since Kylie has a December birthday. I really wanted to keep the party in our home... only we just have a two bedroom apartment, so that limited us too. So Jason and I decided to invite immediate family only. Since none of my sisters have any children (and what's a 2 year old birthday party without children to play with?) we decided that Kylie could invite one friend. It was an easy choice, since Kylie is always asking to "go play with Josey." Josey is one of 4 kids, so she ended up having more than one friend at her party, but somehow we all fit comfortably in the apartment.

Here are all the birthday party kiddos:

Of course, Kylie's party was Dora themed, or as Kylie calls her "Rera." When she saw the party decorations (table cloth, streamers, wall hangings...) she said: "Look! Lots of Reras! I like Rera and Boots!" (Boots is Rera's sidekick for those of you who don't watch the show.)

And what's a Rera party without a Rera cake?

Oh yeah, it was Jason's 27th birthday, so I made him a cheesecake.

Eve was just as excited about the party as her older sister. In just 3 months she'll have her very own birthday party! How crazy is that thought?

Kylie and Josey... how sweet!

Just one random shot of Kylie opening presents. It was funny because last time she opened a present was a year ago for Christmas. She had just turned one. So she didn't remember that the present was supposed to be unwrapped. Of course, it was not hard to teach her what to do, but it was just funny that we had to show her.

If anyone wants to see a whole lot more pictures, click here and you will be able to see all the ones I posted on facebook.

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