Monday, January 11, 2010

Welcome to my crib

So shortly after getting my new camera... -Yes, I know I'm way behind on blogging! I promise to put up Christmas pictures and maybe even blog about the new year and all. I promise to do all that, but later. For now I'm trying to keep these posts somewhat in order. Like I said, I'm way behind, by about a month or so.- ... Anyways, let me start over.

Shortly after getting my new camera, I realized I didn't have many, if any at all, pictures of Eve in her crib. Come to think of it, I'm not even sure if I have many pictures of Kylie in the crib. This could have been very regrettable since it's a very special crib. It's the very same one that I slept in as a baby, in Indiana. It was then used by my sister Rachel before making the trip over to France, where it was used by my sisters Stephanie and Kelly. The next person to use this crib was our Kylie in Kansas. And now it's being used by Evie in Missouri. I wonder who will use it next? Most likely it will NOT be a Marsh. Jason and I are pretty sure that our family is complete, but who knows? Our girls were BOTH big surprises. Oh and the crib is safe. We checked into all that. With older cribs, it's always wise to find out all the current safety regulations.

That was a long explanation just to say that I had fun taking pictures of my baby in my old crib:

There are so many toys in there because whenever Kylie wakes up, she throws ALL the toys from the toy box into Eve's crib. Eve loves the attention from he big sister, and Kylie loves to entertain. We have taken all the hard toys out of their room, to eliminate the chances of Eve getting bonked on the head by such a toy. We have also had to check the floor every night to make sure that there is nothing that could be harmful to Eve. If Kylie can get to it, it ends up in Eve's crib. Once Jason completely spaced out and left a wet diaper on the floor and I found it the next morning in Eve's bed. EW. Thank goodness it was all wrapped up and wasn't stinky, but needless to say I still washed all of Eve's bedding and all the stuffed animals and toys just to be safe. I'm so tired of diapers.

Kylie noticed that I was taking lots of pictures of her sister, so she told me: "I want in crib too mommy!" I love the expression on Eve's face when I put Kylie in bed with her.

I love that last picture. She has her usual crazy bedhead hair and those big eyes that constantly change color. On this day, they were a very dark brown. Today, her eyes are green. Yesterday they were gray. And everyday she stays beautiful.


  1. She is completely adorable!
    Mia's eyes change colors like that too.....I was completely convinced they were green only to have them change again a week later! My mom said my eyes were exactly the same way so I am pretty certain Mia's eyes are going to end up hazel like mom told me she had no idea what color my eyes were until I was 18 months!
    That's awesome that the crib has been in your family for so long.

  2. Thanks Erica! Sometimes I look at Eve's eyes and I can honestly not able to give a name to the color. "Hazel" might be the best description.