Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WWTS (What Would Tyra Say?)

She looked so cute all dressed up to go to her best friend's Josey 3rd birthday party. She had been asking about Josey all week, begging to go "play Josey's house." Every time we got in the car she asked: "Go see Josey? Please mommy?" Finally, it really was time to go see Josey. She helped pick out her dress and didn't complain as I pulled her hair back. She wanted to look "pretty to go see Josey." I told her how adorable she looked, so why didn't we take some pictures before we left? She was really excited by the idea, so she posed next to her favorite "picture taking wall." I snapped this little beauty...
... and was thinking what a great little mini photo session we were about to have.... until I realized that Kylie was in the mood for a SPEED photo session. She would pose really quickly, then run away quickly to another location where she would once again pose and run away: Besides running photos like the one above, I also got lots of shots of walls because once I adjusted my camera settings to a new location, she was gone. I won't post any wall pictures. I'm sure you can imagine what it would look like :).

There was ONE pose however, which she felt it was worth waiting for me to get ready. Here it is:
Just in case you didn't quite "get" it, here's the same photo, just zoomed in on her face with everything else cropped out:
Yep, she sure is special!
Oh and she also felt that I needed to get some pictures of her jumping. She made sure I was getting this on camera too. Little Miss Bossy Pants told me: "Take picture me jumping mommy!"
Yes, I need to clean that carpet. Her room was a little messy that day. She found a piece of paper on the floor and ran to the couch for me to take a picture of her "big teeth":

Then she decided it was more appropriate as a "mustache" (A word she learned from playing with her Mr. Potato head.)

How can you not laugh when you are around this silly girl!

Oh and I found another "modeling" photo that I took back in December:
I think Tyra would have been proud of that last one: interesting body pose, nice angles, intense eyes that aren't "mean", good connection with the camera... She did lose her neck, however. Oh well, hopefully Tyra wouldn't be too hard on her. She's only two years old.


  1. Too funny! Wish you guys lived closer so Parker and Kylie could play together...I'm sure they'd have a blast!! :)

  2. Addie wanted to tell you that she thinks Kylie is very pretty and she likes her boots : )