Saturday, June 27, 2009

Spelling Bee

My Grandma Ginny was visiting last weekend. She and I were sitting around the dinner table eating and chatting. Kylie was also eating with us in her highchair. I was asking my Grandma if she would want to help me give baths to the girls after dinner. Jason was working, and I always enjoy extra help when it comes to bath time. Plus, my grandma loves anything that has to do with taking care of her great grandchildren. I was spelling out the word "bath" since Kylie would have refused to eat anymore and would have begged for a bath instead. Grandma started spelling words like "water" because she doesn't know which words Kylie gets excited about. Kylie was listening to us and heard us spell out all these words. She recognized that they were letters because she loves the alphabet song and even sings it with about 50% of the correct letters. Well, she didn't want to be left out because she looked at us and said in a normal conversation voice: E. I. E. I. O. as in from the "Old McDonald" song. So funny.


  1. kylie is so smart:) cant wait to see her

  2. i'm at work.. i'm bored.. write more blogs.. now