Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My newest scooter

Eve arching her back and pushing down on her feet trying to scoot across a blanket outside on the gravel at the park. I love the look of concentration on her face, how cute!

Scooting all over the hotel bed. She went across the whole thing a couple times before wearing herself out. Those are Jason's legs; he had to move off the bed because Eve kept head butting him until he would move out of her way.

Check out her little tiny baby leg working hard to propel herself across the bed.

I can't remember when Kylie starting scooting on her back the way Eve is doing now. I remember it being hard to keep her on a blanket at a young age, but I didn't think it was a big deal. So, I really don't know exactly when she started doing this, since I didn't record it. I remember she was always so wiggly and trying to move any way she could. I do remember that she didn't start rolling over one way until she was 4 months and the other way when she was 5 months. Once she finally learned how, she stopped scooting and was rolling everywhere, causing her to be way more mobile. I wish I would have written down when she started back scooting. If I were to guess, I would guess that she was between 2 months and 3 months old. I don't know why I didn't think it was a big deal. I guess it never surprised me considering how wiggly and busy she was since birth.

I'm not making the same mistake with Eve. I'm posting this so I will remember that she started back scooting at 2 months (almost 2 and a half months). I was a lot more surprised, however, than I was with Kylie that she has started moving all over. Eve is a lot more content at just being held and she is not as active on the floor as Kylie was. So I thought she wouldn't even want to try to gain some mobility. But I was wrong! She's still more content than Kylie was when it comes to just playing on one spot on the blanket every once in a while. So she's not always scooting when I put her down. Kylie on the other hand NEVER wanted to stay in one place, so it was inevitable that I would always find her in a different spot, usually off the blanket, from where I put her down in the first place. Just another fun difference in their personalities!

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