Saturday, June 13, 2009

Book Abuse

We no longer keep our DVD collection in our living room. We have learned that we needed to make the choice between hiding them from Kylie or having to pick up every single DVD that we own at the end of the day. We chose to hide them. We decided to fill our empty media shelves with books for Kylie. She loves to bring us books to read to her or just sit and read them to herself. She also loves to pull out every single book, which taught us another lesson: don't keep more books on the shelves than you want to pick up every day. The rest are hidden along with the DVDs.

We have tried to teach her how to treat books the right way. Yet, she has still managed to destroy many books, all of them being board books and brand new before Kylie got her hands on them. Here is a sample of the destruction she has caused:

This is the remains of "Gallop". We can still read the book, but we can no longer see the moving pictures.

The right page has been thoroughly dissected: the star is never to shine again.

This is the only flap that will open in this book. Simply because Kylie has torn out the rest. And these are not wimpy little flaps either.

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