Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Two year anniversary

Life as boyfriend and girlfriend:

Wedding Day 06/22/07:

One year anniversary

We had a small wedding, yet we wanted to be able to celebrate with friends and family. The solution: a reception one year later.

Two year anniversary:

Compared to our very busy one year anniversary, this one was very uneventful. We spent the day at home together with our two girls. Jason went to pick us up some Chipotle for dinner, which is our favorite. We wanted to take the girls somewhere fun, but the temperatures were just too hot and unsafe for them.

My mom took the following pictures the day before. She was in KC for Kelly's softball tournament.

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  1. Happy Anniversary Kristin!! I know neither one of us has been married long at all (James and I will be married 3 years this July), but doesn't the time just fly by! Congrats on your 2 years of marriage! :)