Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Same expression...

...but very different faces. I can't figure out if this is their serious, bored or annoyed with the camera look. Oh well, at least they are cute.

Kylie is 9 months in her picture, while Eve is 4 months in hers.


  1. So I'm totally going to copy your pictures at the top of your blog! Waaayyy cute idea!
    And my girls are the same, in some pictures they look so similar because they are making the same facial expression but in other pictures and in real life they really don't look very much alike at all. But of course, my sister and I don't look very much alike either!

  2. Thanks! I just checked out your blog, your pictures look cute too! I think your girls do look alike in some pictures but so very different in others. Isn't that strange how that works?

  3. So cute how they have the same look on their faces. Eve is looking so big, what a cutie. We had lots of fun with Kylie at the Splash Park. She is such a doll.