Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm shameless

And that is why I'm putting up this link HERE for you to read about my husband writing wonderful things about me. No, but really, it is to show you about my wonderful valentine's day that my husband blogged about. The fact that he says nice things about me is just a bonus :)

That valentine's meal he made me just might have been the best meal I have ever had. Jason even used things like nutmeg, real imported creme fraiche AND real imported gruyere cheese. That imported stuff is crazy expensive and Jason accidently made enough of the aligot potatoes to feed an army. It would have been cheaper if he would have cut the recipe down. He used like 4 pounds of potatoes. For just him and me. We ate those mashed potato leftovers for the next four meals. Oh and he made it after the girls' bedtime so we could have a peaceful romantic meal, but somehow the girls knew and decided to BOTH wake up and crash our date. They are normally good sleepers, they knew something was up. Daddy was cooking? Something had to be up. (Just kidding, I love you Jason!)

Happy (late) valentine's day everyone!

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  1. Aw! I just read his blog! So sweet! And thanks for the congrats! I am due Sept 20th!