Friday, February 26, 2010

Curing Cabin Fever

Eve's been sick-ish. She's really been kind of pathetic and extremely clingy. She's been keeping Jason and I up at night because she just wants to be cuddled while she sleeps and if she wakes up to find she's not cuddled, she gets MAD! She's sleeping in my arms right now as I type this one handed. I'm hoping some teeth come in or something to explain why she's been feeling miserable. She is eating well, sleeping well as long as she's cuddled, and still interested in playing with her toys as long as someone is right by her side playing with her so she really doesn't have any symptoms of anything except some congestion and a very low grade fever every once in a while. She's just kind of been extra sensative. Like yesterday, she was in a bad mood and Kylie bent down and said "Hi Everz!" and that just sent her over the edge. She started screaming and giving Kylie evil glares. If she's still feeling this miserable on Monday, I'll take her in to her doctor. I just really haven't been too concerned since nothing seems to be serious. I've just been keeping her home because I don't want the weather to affect her congestion and I'm not really sure if she's sick to the point that others could catch anything.

I'm the type of person who hates being "stuck" inside. It just really puts me in a bad mood, to put it lightly. And it really doesn't take that long for me to get cabin fever. So when Eve started acting playful and happy this afternoon, I decided that we needed to go shopping while Jason was working. The girls were being so cute during the drive there, they were playing peekaboo with a blanket. Kylie was yelling peekaboo and Eve was giggling hysterically. It was a noisy car ride, but I was happy to see the girls were just as relieved to get out the house as I was.

The girls were riding in a shopping cart and Eve was mouthing the shopping cart handle. Kylie (the bossy older sister) kept telling her: "No lick the cart. That's yucky!" over and over before deciding to try it herself. She didn't like it so she started licking her sister. This made Eve giggle so she started licking her sister back. Then they both licked each others tongues. I'm sure that if they read this when they are older, they will be embarrassed that I wrote this. So here is a little note to older Kylie and Eve in the event they are reading this:

"Please know that it is NOT embarrassing because you were 2 years old and 11 months old. You were both giggling so hard over it so I'm just glad we were able to cure some of the cabin fever. Also, Kylie, you like to sing really loud in stores. Today you were singing Elmo's world and it was very cute. Sometimes other shoppers will thank you for the concert.
I will be very sad the day that you stop singing when we go shopping. So please continue to keep me entertained while we are out, and please keep your sister entertained as well. You make shopping fun. Love, Mom"


  1. Stephanie and I used to lick tongues all of the time:)

  2. I was going to call you out on it Rachel, but I thought if you wanted the world to know, I would let you be the one to tell everyone! (Just in case you didn't want to admit that you and Stephanie used to do it.)

  3. Haha! I was going to post the same thing Rachel!