Friday, February 5, 2010

Foot Earrings

They are all the rage this year. Well, they've been all the rage since Kylie was a baby and would be the baby attached to this dangly fashion accessory. Often, Jason will walk up to me to tell me he bought some cool, new foot earrings. He'll then ask me what I think of them or if they go well with his outfit. Then, he will let me know that these said earrings are acting wiggly. Wiggly? That's strange. Oh wait, there's a BABY attached to those earrings. No wonder the salesperson said these were a 2-for-1 deal. Buy some earrings, get a baby free. At this point, he will swing the child around and tickle her until she is laughing hysterically (Or just ask to be put down, depending on the which girl it was).

This time, Jason discovered that Eve was the baby attached to the earrings and decided they both needed a little power nap after the excitement:
Isn't he cute? I think so, but that's good since I have to be with him forever. Did you notice his new glasses? He just got his first pair of glasses this month and loves them. Here's a picture I took of him early this morning, before he put his glasses on (or foot earrings for that matter). He had just woken up, but he's still adorable (in a manly way of course Jason!).

Kylie didn't want to be left out of this post, so here is an early morning picture of her too:
She had found one of my tank tops in my dresser and insisted on wearing it. She was calling it a "Go State dress" (There's a KSU powercat on the other side). She's upset because she just discovered that her daddy put a childproof cover over the door handle to this closet. She told us she wanted to: "count my cards just a little bit." Ha! I love the way she puts words together. There are a bunch of playing cards in the closet and she likes to lay them all out in a line and count them. I let her do this of course after this picture was taken, but the childproof door handle kept her from getting everything else out of the closet as well. The fact that she can open doors now has really affected our lives lately.


  1. AHHH!! She is so smart!!All of your pics and posts makes me miss them so much!!

  2. I want some of those adorable earings too!!