Thursday, February 25, 2010

Future ecologist?

Tonight after Eve went to bed, Kylie and I had some quality time reading her worm book (again...). We started talking about the fact that worms eat dirt. Kylie asked me if she ate dirt and I told her that dirt would make her sick. So we started talking about what she did eat and the list that we came up with went something like this: poptarts, potato soup, toast, chocolate bars (what she calls her granola bar), pancakes, jelly and strawberries. She's been on some weird strawberry kick lately, ever since she played a game of catch with her toy strawberries from her kitchen set. The worm book just so happened to have pictures of strawberries in it too, so she was very excited and pretended to eat the picture, thus getting slobber all over the page (sorry library!). Then there was a picture of a rabbit eating strawberries and she said: "Look! Rabbit eat strawberry." So we started talking about all the little critters that were pictured in the book and what they eat. She learned that snakes eat mice, that squirrels eat nuts, mice eat berries... I don't really remember everything and I probably made some up that I didn't know. Then she asked me what strawberries eat, so I told her "sunshine." I gave her the same answer when she asked what flowers eat. She was amazed: "Sunshine so up high!" And then she started asking me what the computer ate, what the chair ate, what the couch ate, what the blanket ate... pretty much everything that she saw in the room. So I explained to her that only animals, people and things that were alive needed to eat, but who knows how much sense that made to a 2 year old brain. I just loved our little "food chain" discussion, since biology is one of my favorite subjects. I'm really also loving that we can have "real" conversations now, it's so much fun watching her grow up and helping to shape her cute little mind. Yep, I'm pretty sure that if we could look inside her head and see her brain, it would be one of the cutest ones out there, just like the rest of her! :)


  1. Is Grandma CheeChee a worm since she loved to eat dirt as a child?

  2. What will Kylie do when you have to return the worm book to the library?