Friday, December 18, 2009

Two years ago

Kylie one hour old

Kylie 2 years old

On December 15th 2007, 6 days past my due date, I was pouting. Jason was the one going to see the doctor, and not me. Turns out he had a hairline fracture on his foot. I was so jealous, why couldn't it have been me who was seeing a doctor to deliver my baby? Little did I know that later on in the day, I would be getting my wish. I remember everything else so vividly from that day:

  • My grandma's house filled with family from the area who didn't have any electricity due to the ice storm that happened 4 days prior.

  • The chili I made for all those people, made extra spicy in hopes it would cause some contractions.

  • Letting my sister Kelly play with my stomach as I got contractions. She was fascinated with how hard my tummy got! I had been having contractions for weeks, so it didn't strike anyone as odd that we were 'playing' with my contractions. They were painless at this point.

  • Walking the dogs with my mom on the icy roads.

  • Driving to Walmart with my mom to find special shoes for Jason's broken foot

  • The guy in Walmart who took one look at my big belly and said: "Woah! Congratulations!"

  • Timing my contractions as we shopped, and when we noticed they were 2 minutes apart, I said: "We must be doing it wrong. I'm pretty sure I'm not in labor."

  • Having some serious painful contractions in line at Walmart and trying to figure out if I should tell the people in front of me that I needed to go ahead of them since I was pretty sure I was now in labor. [I decided not to say anything, I didn't want to look crazy for purchasing shoes, chapstick and toilet paper while in labor. But boy was it hard not to cry out in pain while standing in line!]

  • Calling Jason from Walmart to tell him to meet me at the hospital, but to tell everyone at my grandma's house that he was just bringing my mom and I our 'forgotten' wallets. [I didn't want anyone to know when I was in labor. I wanted it to be a surprise. Even to my mom, but she was the one who ended up driving me to the hospital.]

  • Arriving at the hospital in the most pain I have ever felt in my life, and getting an epidural right away.

  • One hour later being told it was time to push, and being shocked by how quickly it all happened.

  • Telling myself that I didn't want my daughter to have a cone head, which motivated me to push as hard as I could.

  • 5-10 minutes later, holding my daughter for the first time and checking immediately to see if she had my ears. She doesn't.

  • Watching Jason hold Kylie for the first time as they stitched me up. [ouch]

  • Falling in love with Jason all over again as I watched him pace the floor holding our girl and tell her how much he loved her and was so happy she was here.

  • Telling Jason to sit down and get off that hurt foot!

  • Waiting a little bit to call anyone, so we could enjoy a little bit more time alone with Kylie.

  • Watching each one of my sisters and my parents fall in love with our little sweetheart as they came to visit.

  • Being completely amazed by how this little darling girl was for Jason and I to 'keep'. It's a strange feeling and I really can't explain it. 'Keep' is not the word I want to use, but it's the only thing I can think that could hint at what I'm trying to say.

  • Being disappointed that I still looked about 5 months pregnant.

  • Taking as many pictures as I could. Before having Kylie, I never took such an excessive amount of pictures!

Really I can't describe how quickly I fell in love with my sweet little Kylie. I know that some people say that it can take a while to bond with your new baby, but that was not the case for me. I was so amazed about everything about her, from her thin sandy-colored hair to her "huge" [for baby standards] feet and long toes. What's really amazing is how, even though I loved her so much when I first met her, my love for her has grown right along with her! Now she is 2 years old, and I am still loving her as much as ever!

I will post pictures of her 2 year old birthday party later. I won't in this post because this post was supposed to be about how my life was changed so much 2 years ago! It was a wonderful day and I wouldn't have changed a thing.


  1. So sweet Kristin! Love it! Aren't kids the best thing ever...SUCH a blessing!! :)

  2. That made me cry! I know EXACTLY what you mean. It's like you never knew exactly how much love your heart could hold until you have a baby. It's an amazing feeling! We are very lucky to be blessed with children.
    I hope Kylie had a WONDERFUL birthday!