Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger outside and happy birthday with a hat

Kylie has been saying some pretty funny things lately. It's kind of fun because I can still say "She says so many things and she's not even two yet." I only have one more week that I can use that phrase, so I better take advantage. Here's a little conversation we had tonight as I was tucking her in bed:

Me: Kylie do you want me to go find your night night pig?

[We had cleaned her room earlier and she had put her stuffed pig in her toy box. She usually sleeps with him every night.]

Kylie: No mom. [She thinks for a minute.] I want the tiger!

[The problem is I don't think we have a stuffed tiger anywhere.]

Me: Sweetie, there is no tiger in the house.

Kylie: Yes! Tiger outside!

Me: Kylie...

Kylie: Roar [giggle] I want the tiger please.

Me: Let me go look in your toy box and see if we can find another animal for you to sleep with. No tiger, sorry.

Kylie: Ok [thinks for a minute] I want hat!

[There is a toy hat in the toy box. I'm pretty sure Kylie had that specific one in mind.]

Me: [surprised] You want to sleep with your hat?

Kylie: Yes, hat.

Me: Ok, honey. Here you go. [I hand her the hat.]

Kylie: [starts singing as she holds the hat on her head. It's a toy hat and so it doesn't stay on her head unless she's holding it.] Happy birthday you, happy birthday you...

[I really don't know where she heard the happy birthday song, but she's been singing it for about a month now. It's not as if she has had a birthday recently - she turns two next week remember?- and she hasn't been to any birthday parties that I know of. The first time I heard her sing that song was a month ago out of nowhere. Well actually it was when I gave her a small candle that was "kylie's" so she could only touch that one and not "mommy's". Not that I light them when she can get to them, it's just that she is obsessed with them, so I gave her one and her obsession with my bigger ones ended. How she knew that the happy birthday song goes with candles in a mystery to me, but now I've let myself get sidetracked.]

Below is a picture of the hat she is now cuddling in bed with. The picture is several months old, but you get the idea:

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  1. the "magic" hat! I knew she'd find some way to continue playing with it, even though it was for 6 to 9 months old, and I guess she must have been about a year when she got it as a present (WOWZERS, I thought she was younger than that when I gave it to her)

    So, basically, I'm saying that I give awesome gifts to kids:)

    Did she mean Tiger as in the cat outside your apartment? He sort of looks like a Tiger.. But I don't know why (s)he'd (haha) roar.. huh She is definitely a clever little girl!