Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kids Clothes Week Day 1 Recap

I am participating in Kids Clothes Week, or at least attempting to! I'm hoping it gets me out of my "I'm too tired to sew" funk I've been experiencing this entire pregnancy. Come on unborn child, your mom has things to do, like the always important task of sewing cute little clothes!

Day 1 was not so great. I had such high hopes going in, and felt so discouraged at the end.

Here's a detailed recap of my entire day*, which I feel the need to share with the entire internet world because my life is just so interesting:

7:30 - head out the door and drive to work. Daydream about how awesome Kids Clothes Week is going to be and how stylin' my girls will be when it's all said and done.

1:30 - Doctor's appointment where they take more blood than I expected.

1:50 - sit in car for 10 minutes before driving back to work since I'm feeling extremely dizzy and the thought of passing out while driving does not sound very appealing.

5:00 - Leave work, go to my parents' house to meet Jason and trade cars so he can go to his internship and I can drive the girls and the car filled with groceries back home.

5:30 - Finally convince the girls that it's time to leave Grandma Chi Chi's house.

5:35 - Cuddle a crying Kylie in my arms as she fell down the steps on the way to the car. She has a huge bruise and is given a bag of ice by Grandma Chi Chi which she thinks is pretty cool. Ask Kylie to say "cool" again because I love the way she says it. Try to pick up Kylie to carry her to the car as she asked, but realize that I can't. She is too big (or I am too weak). Sad moment.

5:40 - Finally drive home. Have a fun converation with Kylie about nerves and how to they send messages to your brain the things they feel and how that relates to how we feel pain and why the ice pack reduces the pain. I will raise girls who are interested in science! Or they just might learn from me instead how to write a run-on sentence.

6:00 - Realize dog has been left unkenneled while Jason went grocery shopping. Send the girls to search through the house to see if he made a mess anywhere. Unload groceries, start dinner, do dishes, clean up the house... Normally I'm spoiled with a husband who does more than his fair share of housework, but he is currently finishing his masters and writing his thesis among final papers for other classes.

6:45 - Serve dinner. Listen to girls' stories about the day.

7:15 - Let girls watch TV so I can get started on some sewing. Listen to their updates as they run to tell me the plot of Max and Ruby throughout the whole show.

7:30 - Sewing machine breaks! Panic ensues. I take it apart and discover that the thread take up lever is not attached correctly to whatever gear piece. I try to straighten it out, it breaks off. I cry. I look it it again, turning the gears a couple times to see how the pieces all fit together. Try to pop it back it place and it is a sewing miracle: I fixed it!

7:40 - I go tell the girls that I fixed my sewing maching all by myself. They look at me like I have 4 heads and go back to watching TV.

8:00 - Put girls to bed, let them read books for a while in their beds. Listen to them argue over whether or not to give one of their stuffed animals to the dog.

8:30 - Jason comes home and listens to me complain about how tired I am.

9:30 - Ask Jason how mad he would be if I went and got Kylie out of bed to try on the shirt I just finished. He says "pretty upset." So I start another project.

11:00 - Start crying because I ruined the neckline on the maxi dress I had started. I had such high hopes for the dress. I decide to put it away and look at it again towards the end of the week.

So there you have it, day 1 of Kids Clothes Week!

The good news is that tonight when I got home from work, dinner was already made by my loving husband and my daughter cooperated for a few quick pictures! She also made me laugh when she tried it on: "It looks like I'm showing skin up on top!" Here's to hoping Day 2 is more encouraging!

*Otherwise known as "The Story of How I Only Finished One Measly Shirt."

It wouldn't be a Kylie photoshoot without at least one picture of her dancing dramatically!

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  1. I was hoping to make a color blocked shirt for KCW too! Glad you got the sewing machine repaired! That would indeed make me cry.