Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April Fool's Day part one (the Baby Story)

This is the picture I posted on April Fool's Day on facebook:

Of course, no one believed me...

I wonder why?

It could be that it is widely known that April Fool's Day is my favorite holiday.

It could be that I'm always seeking my revenge on others as I grew up with a mother whose mission every first of April was to convince me that no friends could show up for my birthday party or that my cake was ruined. The perks of having a birthday fall on April 2nd.

It could be that my mother was just getting her revenge as well, since no one believed her when she went into labor with me on April 1st many years ago.

It could also be that the love of trickery and showing affection through practical jokes is genetic as it can be traced back to my mom's mom and I'm sure she has evidence to trace it back further. Grandma Ginny, the jokester.

(If you are reading this, G.G.G., I love you and all your silliness! I hope you never change!)

Of course when we found out in March that we were expecting #3, my heart leaped for joy. Not only because it meant we were having another bundle of joy -who of course, will stay a baby forever and provide us with free snuggles and baby giggles the rest of his/her (probably her) life - but the first of April was only a few weeks away! My dream of announcing a real pregnancy on April Fool's day was coming true!

Yes, I have high aspiring dreams.

I barely told anyone before April 1st that I was pregnant. Especially not my dear Grandma Ginny, I wanted to trick her most of all! My mom, unfortunately, felt bad for her and called her to tell the truth right away. Next time mom, I'm not telling you either!

Bottom line, now that the shenanigans of  April Fool's Day are over, and the whole world knows that it wasn't a joke, Jason and I can proudly announce that baby #3 will be here mid-November and we couldn't be more excited! If it's a boy , you can count on him to be named after a Dallas Cowboy's Football player... and that's no joke! Being a Chicago Bear's fan, I guess this officially makes me the best wife ever! But I'm not worried. Coming from a family of 4 girls and having 2 daughters, I'm starting to think baby boys don't exist!

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  1. You should have wrote on here what tricks you played on your daughters! I hope they trick you someday on April Fool's.