Sunday, October 30, 2011

New Hobby

Before = my mom's old sweater
After = new dress for Kylie

Click "Read More" to see what my new hobby is! I think my picture gave it away...

You guessed it, my new hobby is SEWING. It's always been real intimidating for me, but after reading some very cute blogs, I've been obessing itching to give it a shot.

The two main blogs feeding my obsession curiosity are here and here. The tutorials there have been really helpful and informative. Plus my grandma helped me make a dress for Eve to get my feet wet, and I probably wouldn't have been able to take this new hobby on without her help!

And Kylie loves new clothes, so she was thrilled to get a new dress out of her grandma Chi Chi's old sweater. She insisted on wearing it the rest of the day and again this morning for church.

I overheard her tell Eve this morning: "My mommy sewed me this dress." To which Eve responded: "Mommy sewed me this dress too." Ummm no, but you'll get to say that soon Eve, you get the next dresses.

I've made several new pieces of clothing for the girls, more coming later in a future blog post (hopefully! I always have the best intentions when it comes to this blog..)

Here's Kylie enjoying her new dress, I made it a little bit too tight, good thing it's stretchy!

She paired it with her puppy coat and K-State pompom, such a cute little lady!

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