Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween

The girls are very sad that Halloween is over. In fact, after trick-or-treating, Kylie kept asking me when it would be over. I kept telling her this was the last day, and she would get sad and say "I never want Halloween to be over."

Poor girl.

Thankfully, like I reminded her a hundred times, she had (and still has!) lots of Halloween candy to enjoy for a while and a new dress-up costume to wear whenever she wants to play dress-up. The girls' dress-up bin has a lot of past Halloween costumes in the mix.

And this year, they had some good ones to add: a clown and batman!

To see pictures and find out why they choose those costumes, click "read" more" down below.

So a clown and batman...

Eve has been obsessed with clowns for the longest time. There used to be a banner with a clown picture hanging on the wall. She kept telling us the clown was scary so we decided to take it down. Well, surprise, when he was no longer on the wall, she asked: "Where's my clown friend?" So we gave her the banner and she has been carrying it around ever since. Turns out, she thinks being scared is kind of fun (when it's on her own terms.)

So basically, Eve was thrilled when we got her a clown costume. As soon as she put on the wig, she said: "I'm a mean clown, ha ha ha!" She's silly.

And Kylie loved being batman. Jason plays a batman video game during Eve's naps sometimes, so Kylie "helps" him play. We got her a batgirl costume, which thrilled her, but she won't let us call her "batgirl."

"I'm batman who is a girl." Duh

The silliest argument emerged between our clown and batman: Kylie kept trying to tell Eve that since she was a clown she could be "Joker" to go along with her batman theme. So this has resulted in the constant back and forth argument of "Joker is NOT a clown" from Eve rivaled with "Joker IS a clown" from Kylie. Silly girls. Finally we had to tell them that yes, Joker is kind of a clown but that Eve wanted to be a different clown. Maybe if we would have explained that she is a mean clown, she would have been on board.

The things you have to explain when you are a parent.

Moral of the story: I had two cute kids on Halloween:

Batman and clown by day...

... Batman and clown by night!

Eve was sad that I wasn't dress up for Halloween. So I made a last minute adjustment using her clown make-up and her clown hat. She was thrilled, but not showing it in this picture!

I threw Peter in the mix as a circus dog. Everyone thought he was a girl, I'm guessing because of the ballerina skirt around his neck :)
My cute pumpkin with some cute pumpkins.

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