Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eve is...

... a daredevil:
... our little monkey:

... a great big sister tackler:

I love how Kylie is stopping to smile at the camera even though she is being tackled and ticked by her little sister. That is so not typical of her to try and take a good picture!

... an awesome maker of funny faces:

Jason says this picture itself is sufficient to describe Eve. Yes, this picture does say a lot about our silly girl. She loves attention and making this face gets it!

... the perfect Pebbles Flintstone:
Eve at 7 months. Her first Halloween
Eve's second halloween (19 months).

... absolutely no help at putting Christmas ornaments on the Christmas tree (but has a great throwing arm!)

... good at getting away with things like throwing ornaments because she's just so cute:

...a great counter. (She's been able to count into the teens for a while now. She counts all the way to 12 then says some random teens and then shouts 20 and claps for herself because she's very proud of herself. She can also count pretty accurately if you give her a small amount of objects and ask her how many are there.)

... a very happy child:

... but very good at giving the cutest and most intense mad looks when necessary (which Eve thinks is quite often.)

... without a doubt the cutest mess in the world:

... a tiny little munchkin. Here she is at 23 months wearing a dress that Kylie wore at 10 months and a 6-9 months sweater:

... such a cute little munchkin!

... getting so big, even for a little munchkin. Here she is for example swinging like a big girl (so sad!)

... a little fashionista. She loves clothes and shoes and plays dress up every day. She sometimes insists on sleeping in her tutu, and we let her if that's what it takes for her to go to bed without screaming her head off:
Sometimes she does silly things like wear her tutu up to her armpits. I tried to put it back around her waist for a picture, but she threw a huge fit. She is very headstrong when it comes to her fashion :)

This day she insisted on wearing her princess dress the library. Ignore her paci, this was back in the fall before we got rid of it. Notice how long the dress is, it's hard to find dress up clothes in Eve's size.

I love this one. She picked out all her accessories herself (and her one sock, that was a purposeful move for Eve.)

Someone's hat became Eve's treasure.

... so silly.

... very lovable.
... my baby.


  1. Oh, she is so cute Kristin! I need to start a blog, but I don't know when lol.

  2. Michelle, I don't blog as often as I want to. I always have 100 things I want to post, but only get around to a couple things. I have loved reading my posts form a while back, so I know that even if you find a little bit of time to do a couple quick posts, you might enjoy it years down the road. I'm sure you have lots to blog about with twice the number of kids that I have :)