Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mom, how did Eve do that to that ball?

I love the dollar bins at Target. Today I found a package of glittery christmas ornaments and I couldn't resist them. This is actually going to be the first year we will have a tree. We waited until after Christmas last year to buy one so it would be on clearance. Sad, I know, but I finally feel like the girls are old enough anyways. Now that we don't have any toddling or cruising babies, it should be easier to have one (I hope!)

But back to the dollar bin Christmas ornaments. We got them home and I thought they were put away. I wasn't too worried about them anyways. Then Kylie came up to me and handed me the ball in the following picture:

Nope, it's definitely not supposed to look like that. I didn't realize the glitter would come off so easily. But I guess that's what I get for buying them out of the dollar bin, so no big deal. The funny part is what happened next. Kylie looked at me and said: "Mom, how did Eve do that to that ball?" It doesn't sound too far stretched; Eve loves putting things in her mouth, she's still only 1 year old. The problem though is that Kylie's face looked like this:And Eve's didn't.

And Kylie's hands looked like this:

And Eve's didn't.

Little stinkerpot.

I asked Kylie how she thought Eve would have done it and she said: "Her probably put it in her mouth."
I showed her the pictures and showed her the glitter on her face. She knows I figured it out. She's a pretty smart cookie. And usually very sweet, I hope this isn't the start of something. It's a good thing I love this little girl. Very much.


  1. Soo funny!!! Kinda reminds me of you.. always blaming me for the things that you either did or put in my mind to begin with..