Sunday, October 24, 2010


UPDATE: see the end of post for some Kylie-ims I remembered after posting the first time.

Kylie is quite the little talker at 2 and a half. It's so much fun to have REAL conversations with her. She actually has a great handle on English grammar, but her vocabulary can be pretty silly. We choose not to correct her on a lot of the funny things she sometimes says, because it's just so adorable. Not to mention she doesn't always believe us when we correct her anyways.

Here are some "Kylie-isms"

  • Polka-nuts = polka-dots
  • Rainbrella = umbrella
  • Uh-oh, the radios = uh-oh spaghettios (My grandma uses this expression a lot, so other than in our own family, I don't know how common it is.)
  • Hunguee = hungry (She's said it like this since age 1 and Jason thought it was so adorable he started saying it too. It's became a part of our family vocabulary in no time.)
  • Choo choo clock = coo coo clock, or sometimes just a plain old regular clock
  • Too much cheese = grated parmesan (Jason once poured a lot of parmesan cheese on his spaghetti, then said: "Oh no, I have too much cheese." Kylie said she wanted "too much cheese too." and the name has stuck.)
And here are some expressions that aren't incorrect, but we thought they were so cute coming out of her mouth, that we've adopted into our family vocabulary as well:

  • "I just love you." (She also uses the term "I just..." in lots of other sentences.)
  • "It sure is [...]" (Examples: It sure is hot today. It sure is dark today. It sure is cloudy. I don't know where she learned to talk like a farmer.)
  • "Is that a good idea?" (It always crack me up when she has to get her "ideas" approved by me.)
Also in her head, the word "yesterday" refers to the past as a whole. Likewise, "tomorrow" refers to some time in the future. So if she tells you that something happened "yesterday", that just means it happened sometime previously. It could have happened months ago. She has a great memory and can recall things that happened to her from last Christmas or even some things that happened a year ago. So if she uses the word "yesterday" it usually is a true story that happened to her.

On the other hand, she also talks a lot about pretend stories. Her imagination completely blossomed about 2 months ago. She woke up one morning with absolutely no interest in any of her toys, the TV or her books. All she wanted to do was act out these stories that popped up in her head using toys in her imagination. She would pretend to hand me something, even though her hand was empty and say for example: "Here is a walking stick Mom. Come climb this mountain with me." And she would walk across the living room floor, pretending to climb an imaginary mountain. Since then, she has regained interest in her toys, books and some TV shows, but she still has lots of stories in her head that she loves to act out.

There are so many other silly phrases/Kylie-isms that she says on a daily basis, but I'm having a hard time remembering them. I will update this post if I think of any more.

  • Wonderbar: granola bar
  • Barbie sauce: barbecue sauce
  • Where is Thumbkin? Where is Thumbkin? Here I am! Here I am! How a day to meet you. How a day to meet you. I'm good. I'm good: Her version of the "Where is Thumpkin" song.
  • If "X", then you better "Y": my favorite so far was when we had been out playing at a park and she didn't want to come home so on the drive home she said: "If you are driving home, then you better tell me!" Haha, I told her and she wasn't happy. Another example: "If I see a jawhawk in my town, I better say boo!"


  1. Parker has a lot of Parker-isms just like Kylie does! I just LOVE listening to him talk! He says "probably, actually, and maybe" a lot when he talks and it always sounds so funny coming out of a 2 year old's mouth! He also uses yesterday to refer to anything that happened in the past (whether it was actually yesterday or if it was a year ago, lol). His imaginative play has recently taken off as well! The other night he was pretending to blow up balloons and pop them and he likes talking to his toy cars as he plays with them now! I bet Kylie and Parker would have so much fun together! :)

  2. How funny Becky! It sounds like Parker and Kylie would really get each other. It's too bad you live far away, but maybe someday we'll get them together to play again. Kylie's favorite imagination game is to pretend she's driving an imaginary car. But then, halfway through playing the other day, she said so seriously: "But Mom, I don't know how to drive a car." It was just so funny because she's been pretending to do it for a couple months, and all of a sudden she was worried she wasn't doing it right. I so wish they could play together, it sounds like they would understand their own little language!

  3. Loved cute! The last one was the best though!

  4. So funny! Addie starts out all her stories with "So...", and her "yesterday" is "last night". Everything that has happened in the past, happened "last night". And instead of "is that a good idea?" She says "Is that a good plan?" LOL