Monday, March 1, 2010

Kylie likes to "make lines"

No seriously. Those are Kylie's words. "I'm making a line." She loves to line up her blocks, line up pens, line up her little people animals, line up playing cards, lining up whatever... She even likes to draw lines. She will ask me to draw either a happy or sad face (Yep, sometimes she asks for me to draw sad faces and for some reason they make her laugh) and she will draw lines under the face I drew and call the lines "legs". If she draws lines without asking me to draw a face, she calls them "snakes." Silly girl. So here are some pictures of the lines she made with her new alphabet puzzle:
Future tightrope walker? She took a break from her construction to walk back and forth trying to balance on her line.

"Look Mommy! I'm making a circle." Every once in a while, she decides to make a circle instead of a line, which is usually just like her line, just curved.

"Woah! Look a slide!" That's exactly what she said when she saw her masterpiece and I was confused, did she just say a slide?

She pretty much confirmed that she indeed meant a slide because right away she pretended to climb her blocks, saying "climb, climb, climb" and then go down the "slide" (which is when I snapped the picture) saying "wee." Such a great imagination.

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  1. I love seeing the things she comes up with! She's such a smart girl!! Parker just got that puzzle for his birthday so we have the same one! :)