Monday, March 1, 2010

I really need to charge my camcorder...

... so I can videotape Eve:
  1. Doing the crazy bear crawl that she does when she's in a super hurry. Sometimes babies need to get somewhere really, really fast. Well at least Eve thinks that she needs to. I have never seen anyone crawl as fast as Eve does when she bear crawls, which is when she crawls with her knees off the floor. She can crawl the "normal" way but it's top speed is not good enough for Eve. She loves being chased and if she hears the words "Uh-oh. I'm going to get you" she takes off. She also does it in the middle of diaper changes because she hates getting her diaper changes. My mom, who has always volunteered to change diapers, refuses to change Eve's because she is a challenge to say the least. Here's the bear crawl in action:
  2. Walking! If she's not in a hurry (in which case she would be bear crawling), she loves walking around our house. It's those first toddling and cautious steps that are so sweet to watch. She can now go long distances without falling down, although there are still lots of time where she does fall. Since I don't have my camcorder charged, and my camera which I LOVE doesn't take videos, I clicked really fast through one of her steps, so if you put it in a flip book, you could see the step in action :)

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