Monday, March 1, 2010

Guess who's sick now?

In a previous post I mentioned that Eve was sick-ish. Well she actually slept well last night and woke up in a great mood. I thought "Great. We don't have to go to the doctor after all." That is until I felt how warm Kylie was and realized she had a fever. My girls have been so lucky not to have had much illness so far in their lives. Between the two of them, I have only once had to treat their sickness with something other than tylenol and that was the time Kylie had an ear infection at 6 months (Yes, I know that I've given her lots of medicine for her eczema, but that's something she will always have. I'm talking about sickness incidents). I mean they've had colds and congestion, but never anything more. So Kylie has just been lazing around on the couch all day, sleeping off and on. She loves that couch. I don't blame her, I liked sleeping on it when I was pregnant. So we decided that we should let her spend the night on the couch, so that if either girl wakes up feeling sick, they don't wake the other one up. So tonight is Kylie's first night to ever sleep on a couch. A couple things:
  1. That stuffed pig in her picture is her "night night pig." She sleeps with him every night.
  2. Since she's been sleeping out in the living room where we can hear her, we've noticed that she's been sleep talking. The last thing she said was: "I need coffee mommy and daddy. Need coffee." Silly girl. We fill her little teacup up with water or milk in the mornings and she has "coffee" with us.

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  1. Haha! I laughed so much when I read that Kylie needed "coffee"! She's so funny!