Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smiling Issues

I've been a little frustrated in my attempts at teaching Kylie to smile for the camera. Finally, I realized that she knows how to say "cheese", so I decided to try to use this to my advantage. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that she made the most horrifying and scariest face ever when saying that word. It only gave me very funny pictures. It's a good thing this ISN'T what her normal smile looks like! So here is Kylie making scary smiley faces while saying "cheese":

See, she has a beautiful smile, when she's not saying "cheese":

Meanwhile, my other little beauty has been giving me some great newborn smiles. The naughty little girl, however, makes them disappear as soon as the camera comes out. Maybe the camera frightens her? I guess it would make more sense for her to smile at my face or a toy than a camera. And when I do get a smile while I have the camera aimed at her face, I'm too slow to capture it! Here are a couple pictures, where she had JUST given me a huge smile. She still looks sweet, but it doesn't compare to her amazing smile:


  1. aghhh! JUST kidding they are still too sweet

  2. Parker used to do the same thing for me when he was Eve's age! btw...I love how Kylie's right eye gets all squinty when she says cheese...too funny!