Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Aww... Sisters... I have three of them, and so of course I was so excited when I found out we were having a second girl! I hope they enjoy each other and have a wonderful time growing up together. I'm prepared for the fights (I do remember being a part of them with my own sisters) but I'm looking forward to all the fun things they are going to do!

Here is one of my recent attempts at getting the girls in a picture together. As you can see in the second picture, Kylie is trying to squeeze... err "love"... her sister a little too hard. After I pulled her off, she pouted on the other end of the couch. These are my challenges these days...

Poor little Eve. She only has a couple toys she is big enough to enjoy, and this singing dog toy is one of them. If only her sister would let her enjoy it in peace, without feeling the need to crawl down there with her:

Another "game" Kylie likes to play with her sister is to steal her pacifier. She gave up the paci at 6 months, so she's just being naughty! In this picture, Kylie had just stolen it out of Eve's mouth and was making her great escape with it:


  1. These pics are too cute Kristin! I bet it's a blast having 2 but I can't even imagine how busy you are right now!! Kylie looks really long in the pics lately...is she still long for her age? What percentile was she in at her last check-up? Just curious! ;)

  2. Kristin this is Stephanie and not that other crazy manhattan ks person who said giving birth was disgusting. anyways. I wanted to say that I LOOVE the last picture of Kylie and Eve when they were laying next to each other. they are making the same face and have there head turned. too adorable! cant wait to see them this weekend!