Saturday, October 26, 2013

KCW: Striped Zebra Skinny Jeans

Kylie might look cute in her pink Powercat T-shirt, but sitting here watching the K-Sate game while I work on this blog post is very frustrating. C'mon Cats, you're driving me crazy. Normally, I love football season, but this year, let's just say I don't feel guilty for not giving them all my attention while I work on my blog at the same time.

Speaking of...

Here's my third submission for Kid's Clothes Week. It also happens to coincide with Peek-a-Boo's Pattern Shop's skinny jeans sew a-long. The pattern came in the sew fab bundle and I had some funky stretch zebra fabric I needed to use up, so I was happy to participate. 

Fabric: Not quite sure what it is. I found it in the remnant bin at Jo-Ann. It is some sort of heavy cotton with some stretch. 
Size: 6 with the width reduced to 4T for 5 year old Kylie.

Isn't she cute with her missing teeth?

The fit is great. I might need to add a little more rise in the front when I sew another pair, but not much.

The pattern has great details with front and back pockets, faux fly, back placket, nicely placed topstitching... Unfortunately, those details are hard to see with the craziness of the zebra print.

I asked Kylie to turn around to show me her butt. She squealed "My butt?" and I had to explain to her that I meant the back of her pants. I didn't really want to see her butt. 

I sewed on a purple button, which automatically added 100 style points to Kylie's wearability scale. It's really simple really. She told me the other day she only wants me to make her pink, purple or red clothes. Nothing else. Thankfully, the purple button was enough to satisfy her diva demands. 

"Look a purple button. All of a sudden I love these pants. I can be completely irrational sometimes."

I was lucky to get any normal pictures at all. We only had a few minutes to take pictures before my mom was taking the girls to the pumpkin patch. The rest of the photos looked like this: 


What can I say? That's my Kylie Bear!

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