Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tiered Ruffle Shirt from Men's Button Up Shirt

Descriptive titles are so boring aren't they? I'm too tired to be creative!

This week on Project Run and Play, the challenge was to refashion a man's button-up shirt. I had one of my dad's old shirts in my refashion pile, but on a whim decided to call him up and ask him permission first. I just had a feeling. My mom was the one to give me most of the clothes and this was the only one that belonged to my dad.

So I called Dad and emailed him a picture so he could see what I was jabbering about. His response? "Oh, I haven't seen that shirt in years, so I guess I haven't missed it. Hmmm... I guess you can cut it up if you want."

Thanks Mom for giving away Dad's clothes! That was all the permission I needed!

Here's the original shirt:
For the record, that's my husband's arm holding it up. I would like everyone to know that my arms are not that hairy and I do not have man's hands.
And here is the shirt refashioned for my sweet little Everz:

There is a mark where the pocket was, which I feel adds to the upcycled charm.

 Here is Eve pointing out the pocket mark:

And here she is showing off her new shirt, I'm pretty sure life doesn't get any cuter than this:

Seriously, I love that girl! I can't believe she will be 4 years old in just a month! She is getting big too quickly! Well I take that back, she is actually very short, so technically that's not true. Sorry Eve, but you should just embrace it! You are such a cute little thing, so don't worry about it!

I drafted the top part of the shirt using a raglan style for the itty bittiest little sleeves just perfect for Eve. I used double fold bias tape for the collar and button placket. Since I got over my fear of making button holes for the Valentine's Day challenge last week, I gave it another go. The buttons are fabric covered buttons, my favorite. 

For the ruffle construstion, I used this tutorial for a layered skirt from "Made." The only difference I made was to make the connector pieces less wide so that there would be more overlap on the ruffles. I used my handy rolled hem foot to hem the bottom of each ruffle piece before putting it all together.

The ruffles are cute in the back too:

We visited my grandma at a nursing home over lunch today. She is only there for some physical therapy, and will be going home soon. I knew she would want to see Eve's new shirt: she's the one who got me started sewing a little over a year ago, and she always loves seeing what I make! We took pictures there and I was planning on getting some with Grandma Ginny but my camera died. I was also planning on getting some more detailed shots, but obviously I couldn't do that either. I have no idea where my charger is, this might be bad!

Thankfully Eve gave me some good shots before my camera stopped working:

I love this one. It makes me want to scoop her up and give her big bear hugs all day long:

 Kylie was posing her in this next one, oh dear!

 She is such a little model, much better than I was when I was her age! (and it was my dream job!)


  1. Very cute!
    I love those buttons, I'm really into the extras at the moment.
    Cute model too :)

  2. Very cute! I love the will go great with so many things.

  3. we know I love grey right ;o) Grey and ruffles and those cute buttons, well done!