Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Best Valentine's Day Gift Ever?

Jason is the best.

He seriously is.

He always gets me the best presents. And by best, I don't mean the most expensive, lavish or extravagant. By best, I mean he always gets me something personal he knows I want.

Like the giant box of Kinder Buenos he bought me for Christmas. Amazing.

Mmmm... Kinder Buenos... what were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, I love Jason.

He surprised me this Valentine's Day by buying me an Ottobre Magazine (=a magazine filled with patterns for children's clothing.) I was so excited when I opened it, I think I squealed.

I had mentioned it to him in a facebook conversation (He's away in Kansas City for classes frequently, so we stay up late "talking" to each other on facebook.) I decided not to buy any issues because it really intimidated me, but I thought the clothes in it were so stinkin' cute.

Jason bought it for me and told me he knew I could do it.

Like I said, he's the best!

So I sat there pouring over the magazine, eating potato chips and staying up way too late. All while pointing out every single outfit to Jason and explaining to him why it was so cute. And he listened to every word. I'm keeping him.

He will be in Kansas City all day and night on Valentine's Day, so we won't get to spend it together. Usually he cooks for me. A couple years ago, he made me the best Croque Monsieur. I'm still drooling over it.

Now that he does all the cooking in our house(What can I say? I'm spoiled, this I know.) it really doesn't matter that he won't be here to cook me a Valentine's Day dinner. I'll still miss him, but I'll console myself by pouring over my Ottobre magazine and making heart shaped pancakes with my girls for dinner.

Seriously, how cute are these patterns? I already sewed up the tank top in the top left corner on the second page. It turned out great!

Ottobre 01/2013

Jason just bought himself a smoker and said it was his Valentine's Day present from me. That's ok, I'm not as good of a gift giver as he is. Thankfully, he is so excited to use his new smoker, he doesn't care. Apparently, we are eating "bacon explosion" tomorrow. All of Jason's wildest dreams are coming true.

The girls are so excited for Valentine's Day, they are cracking me up. Kylie is obsessed with all the lovey dovey stuffed animals in the stores right now. She kept saying cute things like "Oh my word, this is just so adorable!" and other such nonsense wandering the aisles of the grocery store earlier today. She is a sucker for all that cheesy stuff.

Now if you'll excuse me... I have some little girls I need to go measure in centimeters!

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