Monday, May 30, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Kylie is getting so big. I'm really loving the age she's at right now. At three, she's so imaginative, intelligent and inquisitive about life, but there's still a little part of her that's babyish, sweet and cuddly. I love watching her grow up, but sometimes wish she would stop doing it so fast. Yet, I keep loving every age and stage more than the last. Today, she went shopping with my sister and me for three hours and she loved every minute of it. I bought her the dress she is wearing in the picture and she was so excited to try it on in the store. She was singing and dancing in the dressing room and prancing around like a peacock in front of the mirror. She was absolutely no help picking out dresses because everyone Rachel and I showed her was "perfect" or "so beautiful" or "her favorite dress ever" in her very own enthusiastic words. She even enjoyed tagging along when my sister and I were looking at clothes and shoes for ourselves. She helped make lots of suggestions for us. She was a real trooper and she was cracking us up just how much she enjoyed shopping and looking at clothes and shoes, even though we didn't leave the mall for three whole hours. When we got home, she just had to wear her new dress the rest of the day. She even agreed to pose in it for a picture. As soon as I saw it, I just thought "Wow, she's so grown up." And she is. She might only be three years old, but it didn't seem like very long ago that she was only three months old. And I don't know what it's like to be the mother of anyone older than three, so she's always going to seem so big to me.

Speaking of her looking old, check out this picture Jason took of her a couple weeks ago:

He took it on his cell phone and texted it to me. The very first thing I noticed was that she looked just like Jason with long hair. Then I couldn't stop staring because she honestly looks like a big kid, maybe even a 12 year old big kid. This just confirms what I've always though all along: "Jason would make a very pretty girl."

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